New age marketing at Geetoo

It’s been about a year and a half since we’ve done our most successful Cloudcamp yet. It was a giant event (more than 600 guests), which required over half a year of preparations, an extreme number of operations of people and undoubtedly a considerable amount of money. That’s when I promised that Cloudcamp and I would come back and that it would be even bigger and better. So a week after I finished, I started thinking about the topic of the new Cloudcamp, we started looking for new spaces and we developed the first ideas. Why so soon? Well, because it just takes so much time. And quite frankly, I became more and more frustrated if it all made sense.

Such large events are purely a brand matter and it is so difficult to measure the real impact on business. And trying for some meaningful statistics is just a waste of time. Yes, you can compare marketshare before the event and, for example, half a year after it, or do a survey on brand awareness. But the sophistication of these methods is funny. At least for me. I like everything mathematically based. Ideally, when it can be injected into formulas that are completely demonstrable.

All this led me to start thinking about a new concept of marketing. How to make it more verifiable, mathematical and simply modern. Over time, I found a handy teammate – Evča Čerešňáková, who had extensive experience in corporate marketing, and we began to discuss this issue together. We called the project New Age Marketing.

After a few weeks of discussions, we came to understand that modern marketing is still not common. Many marketers repeat their habits over and over again, believing that this is how it worked in the past, so it will work the next time. To the question “what will be the goal / impact of this marketing activity” we often got the answer “I don’t know when we do the next conference / webex”. And that’s why we threw ourselves into change.

1. The first thing we had to change the name. To something more sexy, sounding more international and supporting the transition to new marketing. And that’s when Geetoo was born.

2. We also had to change the 5-6 year old website. Everyone has already laughed at us for them :-D. In fact, we hardly touched them from the beginning of their deployment. When they were launched, they received the WebTop100 award, and this reassured us that we did not pay attention to them.

3. The new website was related to the launch of its own Geetoo Space platform. We didn’t just want to make another admin interface like our competition uses. We wanted a full-fledged platform in which you buy our cloud products, administer them here, report them, you will be able to use multicloud strategies, etc.

These were the first three quick steps. But the implementation took a year! When you ever think that changing the name or remaking an application called G2 market to Geeto Space with developers is a trumpet, believe me, it will definitely not be a trumpet. And everyone really tried and worked hard.

The second part of New Age Marketing was to change the approach. We stopped perceiving marketing as a part of the sales department and in the internal structure of Geetoo we moved it under the product department. It is now called Technical marketing. Why? Because we decided to build marketing on content and not just on a number of conferences. We think we’ve always had it rich in content, but now we’re going to take it even further.

1. That’s why we withdrew from classic conferences, where all things have been done in exactly the same way for 10 years.
2. That’s why we canceled another year of Cloudcamp and decided to change its concept into something new.

On February 28, 2019, we completed the New age marketing project. Virtually everyone in the company participated in it. Thanks to Evča for her help in creating and for her creativity. Vojta for deploying marketing under the product department. The whole business for substantial inputs. Tom for his extreme commitment and everyone else for his ideas.

So what is the output? Geetoo’s marketing activities will be divided into:

1. Online & Content
2. Meetup & Community
3. PR & Mailing

Valuable content will really represent us everywhere. So hopefully you will like it too. But most importantly – all our activities will work with data, statistics, analytics and mathematics. And you can look forward to a renewed Cloudcamp, this time in a more fresh coat! So hold our fists and I’ll be happy for your feedback.

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