Migrace do cloudu
Zvyšte výkon a flexibilitu vašeho IT přechodem do cloudu.
Pomůžeme vám s migrací do Geetoo, AWS a Azure.
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Výhody migrace do cloudu

Across every industry, organizations are moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and investing in cloud solutions. With the right cloud strategy, you can drive efficiency through operations automation, grow revenue through innovation, modernize applications and realize cost savings by shifting toward usage-based, pay-as-you-go pricing models.

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Improve Performance

Get the most from your cloud environment through full solution lifecycle management and access to teams of certified cloud experts.


Meet Security and Compliance Demands

Address PCI-DSS, HITRUST-CSF, SOX and FISMA requirements with our Managed Security, Proactive Detection and Response, and Compliance Assistance (CA) services.


Eliminate Geographic Limitations

Break free from the geographic limitations of hardware-only solutions and deploy to new regions with minimal upfront costs and drastically reduced lead times.


Reduce Costs

In the cloud, you can significantly reduce capital expenses as you transition from a capex to an opex model.


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Zákazníci, kterým jsme pomohli migrovat do cloudu

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S čím Vám můžeme pomoc

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Let our specialists help you build your cloud strategy — assessing your application portfolio, reviewing your cost structure and identifying the best-fit platform for your needs.

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Single-tenant environments — dedicated servers or virtualization — can provide maximum security, in or out of your data center.

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Integrate a multi-tenant environment into your plan, with pay-as-you-grow scalability, ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic.

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Get the right clouds for your workloads — across AWS, Microsoft®, OpenStack®, VMware® and more.