Asseco Solutions is also a top player in the cloud world

Information technology is one of the fastest growing and fastest changing areas. However, in recent years there is a technology that, even compared to others in the industry, is growing extremely fast. It’s the cloud. Various products can be operated in the cloud, including, of course, ERP systems. That is why Asseco Solutions, the market leader in enterprise information systems, has been providing its clients with the option to operate their HELIOS ERP systems in the cloud for many years. For the last eight years, this has been done in collaboration with Geetoo, which has created the ERPORT cloud solution.

The long-term cooperation between the manufacturer of the HELIOS ERP system, Asseco Solutions, and the expert in multi-cloud solutions, Geetoo, has resulted not only in customer satisfaction, but also in the third Partner of the Year award that Asseco Solutions received from Geetoo this May. 

“For companies that use not only HELIOS, the path to ERPORT is the right decision. Firstly, it offers great flexibility to change resources according to current needs, but also for future growth. At the same time, we pay close attention to data security. These are the topics that currently resonate the most with the professional public and this is reflected in the success of Asseco Solutions.” says Jakub Herink, Sales Director at Geetoo.

During the years that Asseco Solutions has been offering ERPORT cloud infrastructure, the number of its customers has more than tripled. The company is already a stable player in the cloud world. This fact is also reflected in concrete figures. This year, revenue from cloud products is expected to grow by 31% compared to last year, with ERPORT solutions expected to grow by 24%. This is based on the amount that HELIOS customers spend annually on cloud services. Within ERPORT, Asseco Solutions can already boast 250 customers to whom this service has been deployed. This is the reason why the company’s turnover grew by more than 20% last year.

The days when companies could not imagine having their systems and data “somewhere in the cloud” are long gone. It is now common knowledge that data stored in the cloud is more secure than on your own server. And thanks to Geetoo’s sophisticated cloud infrastructure and Asseco Solutions’ ERPORT service, companies can have a real sense of security. And more and more of our customers are realising this advantage.

Michal Andraško, Sales Director, Asseco Solutions


Thursday 18. May, the Geetoo Partner of the Year award ceremony took place at the headquarters of Asseco Solutions. Pictured from left: Michal Andraško (Asseco Solutions) and Jakub Herink (Geetoo).


Geetoo has been in the IT industry for almost twenty years. He is a pioneer of cloud technologies in the Czech Republic, which he has been working on for eleven years. By operating its own cloud, it has a wealth of experience that it passes on to its customers when setting up a multi-cloud strategy. Besides that, it is dedicated to complex hardware provisioning, modern applications, kubernetes and other modern technologies. In addition to the local market, Geetoo operates in other European countries, e.g. Slovakia, Great Britain, France or Italy. The company’s success is reflected in an annual turnover of around 600 million CZK. CZK or the prestigious award of Cloud Provider of the Year 2022 awarded by VMware.

30. 05. 2023