Provide your employees with high-quality virtual workspaces

The working environment is rapidly created and securely delivered to users, enabling them to work anywhere on any type of desktop or mobile device. 

What are the benefits of Geetoo Cloud Desktop?


Speed and convenience

The service is transmitted from the cloud using high-end protocols that can perfectly handle the quality of the link and deliver the best result to the user every time. Even a lesser quality line between you and the Geetoo cloud is not a problem. The user always gets the smoothest virtual desktop possible.



It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at your desk in the office, at home or travelling around the world. No matter where you are, you have a working environment that follows you and is available at any time.


Access from any device

Mac, PC, web browser, Chromebook, mobile phone or tablet. That’s just a short list of possible devices where you can seamlessly deliver a Windows 10 OS from the cloud. You have the freedom to choose your terminal equipment. Each of them can deliver a desktop as if it were an integral part of it.

Benefits for admins

Scalability and flexibility

It doesn’t matter if you need ten this month and a hundred next month. Desktops are created from a “master” template, so it’s not a problem to create as many as you really need. It only takes a few minutes to create.

Predictable costs

You have a continuous overview of how much it costs to run your desktops and can better optimize your costs. You always know how much your desktops cost, and you can change the number of desktops each month to suit your needs.

Increased IT efficiency

Desktop management is not usually the primary task of IT in companies. Geetoo Cloud Desktops in the cloud reduce the amount of administration to a minimum and allow the IT department to focus on more important tasks and deliver more value.

Different types of desktops

We can provide several types of desktops as part of the service. The basic types are Persistent and Floating. Floating is a type of desktop that sets itself to a default state after a certain period of time, making it suitable for training or kiosk use. The persistent type preserves user data and is thus suitable for office use.

Web interface

Geetoo Cloud Desktops can be accessed through a web interface that you can view on your endpoint. No need to install additional modules or Flash support etc.

Technologies we work with

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Most often you are interested in Geetoo Cloud Desktop

What is Geetoo Cloud Desktop?

Geetoo provides virtual desktops as a cloud service. The working environment is created very quickly and delivered securely to users wherever they work, on any type of desktop or mobile device.

Who is Geetoo Cloud Desktop for?

For companies that want more flexibility, control and security in the end-user station area.

How is the virtual desktop delivered to my computer?

The virtual desktop can be displayed in a web browser, where no additional modules or Flash support is needed, etc. You can also install the VMware Horizon client on the endpoint.

What are the minimum and maximum product parameters?

No. There is no limit on the minimum or maximum number of instances.

Is it possible to use MS Office?

Yes. We will provide you with MS Office licenses from our MS SPLA program, which is designed to run in a virtual desktop in the cloud.