Kickstart your development using modern tools

We provide you with tools, technologies, and expertise that lead to speeding up and simplifying DevOps strategies using Kubernetes technologies.

What do we offer?


Tangible improvement, not just a theory

We bring light to DevOps processes, helping you clarify your needs and using Kubernetes to deliver technologies that make a real difference. The goal is to make development faster, more responsive to business requirements, and application development cheaper.


How can we help you?

Geetoo enters the process as a consultant, which creates an analysis of the existing development and operational IT department and, following this, proposes a way of operating Kubernetes and related technologies. The goal is to prepare the operations department to run the new technologies and improve overall support for the development teams. We help companies maintain time to market, reduce IT operating costs and improve their competitiveness.


Thorough analysis

We focus on the technologies and processes involved. We analyze the needs to prepare the company technically and non-technically to be able to deploy and operate Kubernetes technologies. We also monitor and optimize processes between the operations and development departments to improve cooperation and communication between them. We also research and design the infrastructure and associated virtual platforms to best meet the real needs of development, business and the applications themselves.



We see Kubernetes as the technological core on which today’s modern development is built in terms of operation and application deployment. Companies aren’t always clear on the right way to get started with Kubernetes and the steps to take to achieve the goal of having an operational Kubernetes environment. We pass on best practice in the correct, deployment and integration of Kubernetes into the operational ICT department. We also make recommendations when deploying hybrid scenarios and considering cloud vs on-premise installation.

What can we help you with?

Comprehensive analysis

We analyze the current state of your technologies and processes. We provide you with architectural suggestions on how to change your current technology and internal processes to achieve better results.

Best practice

We impart knowledge about Kubernetes and best practices for running them. We implement kubernetes in production environments, including their management and monitoring settings.


We validate and test through acceptance scenarios the creation, deployment, testing and operation of your applications 

Technologies we work with

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