Reduce your IT operating costs

Ride the wave of flexible computing power directly in your company. Pay only for what you use.

What benefits will you get from Geetoo Scale?


The best of both worlds

Geetoo Scale is a service that delivers hardware to an on-premises location and adds the benefit of the cloud


Convenient financing

Avoid large initial investments. Pay only for actual funds used in the form of monthly operating costs.


Immediate growth

We will provide you with extra resources, which we only charge for when they are used. So you don’t have to worry about unexpected situations.


Current technologies

You are not tied to any particular technology. You have the option to change it during the contract. We’ll take care of the replacement hardware.

Comprehensive solution

You are not limited by vendor or technology. As part of Geetoo Scale, we supply customers not only with storage, but also with servers, networking infrastructure and even the ability to flexibly consume licenses.

Great cost savings

Every environment is unique, but our research shows that the average savings on IT operations is around 30%.

Choose the Geetoo Scale to suit your needs


  • Operation in your company
  • Prepaid and unused resources
  • Investments
  • Inflexible expansion
  • Warranty from the manufacturer
  • Detailed distribution and consumption solved by self-help
  • Completely dedicated technology under full control

Geetoo Scale

  • Operation in your company
  • Accounting according to real consumption
  • Service
  • Resource scaling flexibility, high availability
  • 24/7 Helpdesk + manufacturer support + proactive supervision and consultation
  • Detailed overview of consumed resources
  • Completely dedicated technology under full control
  • Access to the environment at any level


  • Operation outside the company premises
  • Accounting according to real consumption
  • Service
  • Resource scaling flexibility, high availability
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Detailed overview of consumed resources
  • Shared data centre and technology
  • Access to the environment from the operating system level

How does Geetoo Scale work?

1 You can choose any technology you want to use, we will deliver everything without interrupting the company’s operation and we will have it up and running within 3 weeks.
2 Without interrupting the company’s operation, we will deliver everything and put it into operation within 3 weeks.
3 You pay a monthly flat rate and use the technology as needed.
4 Does it need more computing power? We’ll increase it. You only pay for what you use up.
Technologies we work with

Martin Kanda, IT Director at Diebold Nixdorf, said:

„For security reasons, we cannot utilize cloud services. Thanks to Geetoo Scale, we were able to implement the extension of our data center and simultaneously obtained an environment where we can flexibly manage resources and licenses. Additionally, Geetoo assisted us with the implementation of VDI.”

Your success is at the heart of our mission

Join the hundreds of companies using the Geetoo cloud to grow.

Most often you are interested in Geetoo Scale

What is Geetoo Scale?

Geetoo Scale is a service that provides you with the hardware you need for your on-premises site along with the benefits of cloud services.

Who is Geetoo Scale for?

You can use Geetoo Scale if you are looking for new hardware but would like to include the benefits known from cloud environments – flexibility, opex load, PAYG mode, etc. Geetoo Scale is designed for small to enterprise businesses. We can supply you with everything from small, simple physical servers to complete solutions suitable for running an entire data centre.

What are the benefits of Geetoo Scale?

The biggest benefits of Geetoo Scale are maximum flexibility, opex cargo and PAYG payment mode. This allows you to manage your IT assets much more effectively and increase their efficiency.

How is the Geetoo Scale better than a traditional hardware purchase?

Purchasing hardware in the standard way will not offer you the possibility of consuming it in opex costs with PAYG payment mode. At the same time, it cannot give you enough flexibility to expand resources or increase disk capacity.