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Geetoo Scale

General information

What is Geetoo Scale?

Geetoo Scale is a service that provides you with the hardware you need for your on-premises site along with the benefits of cloud services.

Who is Geetoo Scale for?

You can use Geetoo Scale if you are looking for new hardware but would like to include the benefits known from cloud environments – flexibility, opex load, PAYG mode, etc. Geetoo Scale is designed for small to enterprise businesses. We can supply you with everything from small, simple physical servers to complete solutions suitable for running an entire data centre.

What are the benefits of Geetoo Scale?

The biggest benefits of Geetoo Scale are maximum flexibility, opex cargo and PAYG payment mode. This allows you to manage your IT assets much more effectively and increase their efficiency.

How is the Geetoo Scale better than a traditional hardware purchase?

Purchasing hardware in the standard way will not offer you the possibility of consuming it in opex costs with PAYG payment mode. At the same time, it cannot give you enough flexibility to expand resources or increase disk capacity.

What hardware do you offer in Geetoo Scale?

Geetoo Scale is primarily designed for storage solutions. However, we can also provide you with physical servers, switches or hyperconverged products through Geetoo Scale.

What brand of hardware can I choose in Geetoo Scale?

We are not tied to providing hardware from only one vendor. We can offer you exactly the type of hardware you need now.

How can I order the product?

Please contact our sales department on +420 226 299 899 or by email at

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time varies based on the type of hardware selected. For frequently used types, we can arrange delivery of hardware in units of working days.

Who are you working with on Geetoo Scale?

Geetoo Scale is provided in exclusive cooperation with J&T Leasingová společnost, a.s.

For what period of time can I buy a Geetoo Scale?

Geetoo Scale is usually provided within a duration of 2 – 5 years. It always depends on the individual agreement.

What is a buffer?

Buffer is an add-on capacity of resources that we provide to you beyond the agreed scope. Buffer will perfectly cover your peaks and can provide you with the necessary performance or capacity even in unexpected situations.

How is the service terminated?

There are several ways to terminate the service. We can agree on extending the existing solution or upgrading the hardware to newer versions.

Can I place Geetoo Scale in my datacenter?

Yes, this product is mainly intended for your data center locations.

Can I change the hardware or its components during the contract?

Yes, you can extend or change the components during the contract. It is one of the main benefits of this product.

Will I know how much the next expansion will cost me?

Yes, the offer also includes a price for additional expansion components (disk, server, RAM, CPU, port on the switch, etc.).


What is included in the price of Geetoo Scale?

This includes the supply of hardware and ensuring its maximum availability. At the same time, you get support together with buffer capacity beyond the agreed contract.

How do I pay for Geetoo Scale?

You pay on a monthly basis in opex mode and when using buffer capacity you are charged the PAYG price.


Can you also provide me with the licenses for the supplied hardware?

Yes, we can provide you with licenses for the hardware both by sale and lease.

Does the hardware have any licensing restrictions?

The license is governed by the classic license terms, just like a standard purchased license. There is no other restriction.