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Geetoo 3D Desktop

General information

What is Geetoo 3D Desktop?

Geetoo 3D Desktop is a solution of accelerated virtual desktops in the cloud. It is ideal for architects, designers and engineers, each of whom has a secure, innovative and high-performance desktop to fully replace the physical workstation.

Who is Geetoo 3D Desktop for?

For architects, designers and engineers who require a high-performance desktop to replace a physical workstation.

What SLAs do you provide for Geetoo Cloud Desktop?

We provide 99.99% SLA.

For what period of time can I purchase the product?

We offer the product with a 2 or 5 year commitment.

How can I start using the product?

Please contact our sales department on +420 226 299 899 or by email at

Do you offer a demo environment?

Yes, we are happy to set up a free demo environment for you to try for 14 days. The demo environment can then be seamlessly transitioned to the production version.


Will my desktop work over the internet?

Yes. Desktops are transmitted using very high performance protocols and can deliver the desktop and applications even with a poor quality connection.

How does Geetoo 3D Desktop work?

NVIDIA Tesla Grid Cards allow you to share the power of your GPUs between individual virtual server users. Special GRID vGPU technology passes the graphics requests of the operating system and applications directly to the GPU without much impact on hypervisor performance. This enables high-performance allocation and management of available graphics resources among multiple users without performance degradation.

What are the basic parameters of a virtual desktop?

For 3D accelerated desktops, this varies depending on the application. We will custom build your 3D Desktop to suit your needs.

What parameters affect the required performance of a virtual desktop?

Typically, this includes the type of application or resolution and the number of monitors on which you work with the application.

How is the virtual desktop delivered to my computer?

The virtual desktop can be displayed in a web browser, where no additional modules or Flash support is needed, etc. You can also install a client on the end station. 

What technologies are used for virtualization?

Geetoo 3D Desktop uses VMware Horizon technology.

Is there one central desktop and then it is cloned?

Yes. In the cloud, we can help you create your “image” with the necessary applications, which is then cloned to individual users.

Where is the data located?

We run the environment on our Geetoo cloud. We do not use the sites of global cloud providers for operations.

Where is the data located?

We run the environment on our Geetoo Cloud. We do not use the sites of global cloud providers for operations.

Which drives are designed for Geetoo 3D Desktop?

You have a choice of several disk tiers that differ in IOPS speed. However, all disk tiers are provided from SSDs.

Are the resources dedicated or shared?

Each tenant (customer) has its own dedicated environment (physical servers). It does not share computing power with other customers.

What are the minimum and maximum product parameters?

The minimum number of physical servers used to run Geetoo 3D Desktops is 2.

How many users can 1 physical server serve?

Again, this depends on how the particular application is used. Normally we talk about a number of 8 – 32 users.

What graphics cards do you use?

NVIDIA Grid Tesla graphics cards. The exact type varies based on the specific project.

What applications does Geetoo 3D Desktop support?

Geetoo 3D Desktop is compatible with most well-known software (e.g. Autodesk, Siemens PLM, Maxin, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Solidworks, Dessault, Skyline and others).

How does Geetoo 3D Desktop improve endpoint security?

The protection of intellectual property is one of the most discussed topics in the field of development. Virtual desktops with 3D acceleration significantly increase control over the location and use of data and reduce the risk of leakage or theft. No data is placed on users’ end devices. If an end station is stolen or an employee leaves, no damage is incurred and it is very easy to follow up on a project in progress.


What am I really paying for?

Payment for the virtual desktop consists of the number of desktops prepared for the user for a period of one month and, if applicable, the storage of data beyond the scope of the service offered.

What financial models can I pay for the product in?

There are two basic financial models. We can provide the product on a monthly flat-rate basis (i.e. you pay for the virtual desktops created each month). Alternatively, you can subscribe to the product once for a specific period of time (e.g. for subsidies or government).

Is there a charge for bandwidth to and from the cloud?

No. There is no charge for the transferred data.

Are IOPS counts on disk arrays charged?

No. There is no charge for IOPS consumed on disk arrays.


Do I have to own NVIDIA licenses?

No, we will rent you all the necessary software as part of the service.

What software is used for backups?

We use Veeam software to back up virtual desktops. The backup plan can be customized according to the client’s individual needs.