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Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup

General information

What is Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup?

Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup is a full-featured cloud backup solution using Veeam software. On-premise data is backed up to the Geetoo cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect functionality.

Who is Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup for?

It is suitable for customers who already use Veeam backup software and would like to back up their data to the cloud. It’s also a good solution if you’re running out of Veeam software support or are about to purchase it.

How does Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup work?

If a customer has Veeam Backup & Replication software deployed on-premise, they can store their local backups in the cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect.

What is the most common use case for using Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup?

The most common use is to store backups in the cloud as a secondary copy of data. This significantly increases data security and availability.

What SLAs do you provide for Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup?

We provide 99.99% SLA.

For what period of time can I purchase the product?

We offer the product for an indefinite duration, but for a minimum of one month.

How can I start using the product?

Please contact our sales department on +420 226 299 899 or by email at

Do you offer a demo environment?

Yes, we are happy to set up a free demo environment for you to try for 14 days. The demo environment can then be seamlessly transitioned to the production version.


Where is the data located?

We run the environment on our Geetoo cloud. We do not use the sites of global cloud providers for operations.

What devices can be backed up using this service?

Virtual servers, physical servers or end stations.

What virtualization platform do you support for virtual servers?

Virtual servers running on a VMware or Hyper‑V hypervisor.

What operating system do you support for physical servers and endpoints?

Physical servers and end stations running Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Can I back up Office 365?

Yes, this is a special license that allows you to perform O365 backups.

What is used to move data to the cloud?

With functionality implemented directly in Veeam software. The functionality is called Veeam Cloud Connect.

What is Cloud Connect?

It is a cloud backup feature located directly in the Veeam Backup & Replication administration console.

Is the backup agent-based or agentless?

Virtual servers are backed up agentlessly. Agents are used to back up physical servers and end stations.

Can the customer run the entire environment from the backups stored in the Geetoo cloud directly (use it as a DR solution)?

No, it is only a repository for the backups themselves. However, if necessary, the backed up virtual servers can be restored to the Geetoo Cloud Compute environment and then run here.

Can this solution also serve as an archive with a retention period of several years?

Yes, it’s possible. However, it depends on the customer setting the appropriate backup policy characteristics.

Does a customer need to back up their data even if they use Disaster Recovery?

Yes, backup and Disaster Recovery are two different services. Disaster Recovery ensures operation in another location in the event of a primary side failure. The backup is used to protect the stored data and its safe handling.

Which disks are used for Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup?

Unless otherwise specified, we provide disk capacity within the NL-SAS disk tier. The disk tier type can be modified on request.

How is the handover of the product?

As part of the administration interface, the “Backup Infrastructure / Service Providers” section activates the “Veeam Cloud Connect” cloud connection. After you enter the login details (name, SSL thumbprint password and URL) that you receive from us, a connection to the Geetoo cloud will be set up.

Do I manage my own backups or do you take care of them?

The complete backup policy is set by the customer. The responsibility for the backup is the customer’s responsibility. We then guarantee the availability of the created backup.

How is the data secured?

Data security takes place at many levels. For example, an encrypted network connection for AES backup with a key depth of 256 bits. At the same time, the same cipher is used for the actual storage of the backed-up data.

Are the resources dedicated or shared?

We provide the product as part of shared enterprise storage, where we dedicate a specific partition to you. Your part is therefore dedicated to you and is not shared or used by other customers.

What are the minimum and maximum product parameters?

The minimum number of backup instances is 1 and 1TB per 1 instance. There is no maximum limit thereafter.

Can I change the service parameters over time?

Yes, we will increase the number of possible backup instances (VMs/​physical servers/​end stations) based on your request. At the same time, we can increase the size of the disk space. The change will usually take place within the next day of the request.

What are the minimum connectivity requirements of the customer’s environment?

This point cannot be generally determined, it always depends mainly on the size of the incremental daily backup and the duration of the backup window (the time when the line is not so busy and the local backup can be sent to the cloud). The general recommendation is to have an upload speed of 10Mbit/​s for 300GB of data. An unofficial calculator is available at:

What is WAN acceleration?

WAN Acceleration is a premium Veeam functionality that allows you to backup and restore data 10x – 50x faster, compared to a standard service without this growl. WAN acceleration works on the principle of SSD cache, which is always assigned to a given tenant and thus speeds up the service.

Can I buy WAN acceleration?

Yes, you can.


What does the price of a product consist of?

You pay only for each backed-up instance (VM/​physical server/​endpoint) and allocated disk space. No additional fees e.g. are not charged for the transferred data.

What financial models can I pay for the product in?

There are two basic financial models. We can provide the product on a monthly flat-rate basis (i.e., you pay for the assigned resources each month), or you can subscribe to the product on a one-time basis for a specific period of time.

Is there a charge for bandwidth to and from the cloud?

No. There is no charge for data transferred to and from the cloud.

Are IOPS counts on disk arrays charged?

No. There is no charge for IOPS consumed on disk arrays.


Do I need to use a software license to use the product?

Yes, you must use Veeam Backup & Replication for backup.

What should I do if I don’t have the software?

We can provide Veeam software as a service on a monthly basis.

Which version of Veeam Backup & Replication do you support?

All editions (Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise plus) are supported.

Is the Cloud Connect license separately chargeable?

No, we provide a free license with each backup instance.

What license do I need to have to back up my endpoints?

Veeam Agent for Workstation license is used for endpoint backup.

What license do I need to have to back up physical servers?

The Veeam Agent for Server license is used for backing up physical servers.

What license do I need for Microsoft Office 365 backup?

This license cannot be purchased separately, we will rent it to you as part of the service. The license is called Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

How can you rent me a license?

We will lease licenses to you under the VCSP licensing program. This licensing model allows cloud providers to provide licenses to customers on a monthly rental basis. We can rent you all the licenses that are provided under the VCSP.

Can you also resell me Veeam licenses along with support?

Yes, we are a Veeam reseller partner. We can also resell licenses to you.