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We specialize in crafting professional Kubernetes (K8s) environments and ensuring their seamless operation. In any cloud or within your own data center.

What are the benefits of Kubernetes?


Automation and orchestration

In Kubernetes, you can define the desired state of your applications, which then allows Kubernetes to automatically perform the necessary actions to maintain that state.



The K8s makes it easy to scale applications horizontally and vertically. This means that you can easily add or subtract containers according to the current load, which contributes to efficient use of resources.


High availability

Container replication and the ability to automatically recover in the event of a container failure are smart mechanisms to keep your applications in high availability mode.



Kubernetes can be easily extended as there is a huge supporting ecosystem of plugins and extensions that allow you to customize the platform.

Why Kubernetes from us?

Top-notch Expertise

We can help you with opensource Kubernetes, as well as running and setting up clusters in VMware Tanz.

Monitoring and management

Our team of experts with CKA – Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification will help you with environment design, configuration, daily operations and integration.

Extensive experience

We have years of experience running Kubernetes not only in our cloud, but also in our customers’ datacenters or multicloud/​site implementations. We can also help you set up integrations into CI/CD pipelines.

We can deploy K8s anywhere

Kubernetes in your datacenter

  • Individual design in your environment
  • Kubernetes integration tailored to the customer’s environment
  • Choosing the most suitable Kubernetes automation technology — OSS Kuberenetes/​ VMware Tanzu / other possible technologies
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • SLA 99,99 %

Kubernetes in Geetoo 

  • Individual infrastructure design
  • Help with migration to the Geetoo cloud
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling according to needs
  • Location in datacentres in the Czech Republic/​SK
  • No charge for IOPS consumed or data transferred — no hidden fees
  • PAYG kubernetes in the cloud
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • SLA 99,99 %

Kubernetes in AWS/​Azure/​GCP (hybrid)

  • Economic analysis and sustainability of operating solutions
  • Analysis and prophylaxis of existing environments
  • Integration into existing on-prem environments
  • Full Kubernetes environment management
  • 24/7 Helpdesk

How do we go about implementing K8s?

1 Together we will propose the most suitable solution.
2 We will prepare the production environment.
3 It will help you deploy applications.
4 We provide professional support

Do you know where the name Kubernetes comes from and how the abbreviation K8s was created?

Kubernetes comes from the Greek word for “helmsman/​navigator”. And the abbreviation K8s was created simply because there are 8 characters between the “K” and the “s”.

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The most frequently asked questions about Geetoo Cloud Compute

What is Geetoo Kubernetes?

Software that sits between the application and the virtualization or hardware infrastructure. Geetoo Kubernetes is a container manager and orchestration system that abstracts the underlying infrastructure so you can easily run and manage multi-cloud applications using container deployments.

Why Geetoo Kubernetes?

Geetoo Kubernetes enables organizations to develop faster, i.e.
By installing the software.
It simplifies daily management, upgrades, security patch deployment and scaling to keep applications running as fast, simple and stable as possible.
Geetoo Kubernetes provides these applications with an environment in which they can be easily deployed, run and scaled. 

What are the most common usecases?

The most common use is for applications that are upgrading, have rapid development and frequent changes. It is also suitable for horizontally scaled applications or applications that require high availability and flexibility for daily maintenance.

What do we care?

We take care of the deployment and operation of kubernetes, and a higher level of management and operation is possible upon agreement, including the setup of daily operations. 

What financial models can be used to pay for the product.

By default, the product is billed on a monthly basis for a flat monthly payment for assigned resources. Alternatively, the product may be charged in PAYG mode.