Reliably backup your data in the cloud

Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup is a service designed to maximize the security of your data by utilizing geographically separated backups in a cloud environment. 

What are the benefits of Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup?


High data security

Data security and availability is always a high priority. It is recommended that you spread your data among different geographically separated locations to minimize the risk of loss. Backing up to the cloud means reducing risk and increasing certainty.


Ease of use

If you already use Veeam for backup, setting up cloud backups is easy. Just select Geetoo as the cloud provider where you want to store your data. The service is non-invasive and does not affect the operation of your IT in any way.



You don’t need to invest in disk capacity or backup software. We provide you with a flexible service paid on a monthly basis. You can always back up exactly what you need, and you’re not limited by physical infrastructure boundaries or the number of backup software licenses.


Reduction of IT operating costs

Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup is more cost-effective than a comparable on-prem solution. The savings are for hardware, location in a datacenter, or purchasing your own licenses with support. It is also a more efficient solution than running a second separate site for a secondary copy of the data.

Why Veeam from us?

Veeam Partnership

Veeam is one of the market leaders in backup. We have a long-standing partnership with Veeam. The expertise of our technicians is reflected in our current Gold Service Provider and Gold Reseller certifications.

High availability

Advanced technologies within Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup guarantee maximum service availability, SLA, up to 99.99%. So you don’t have to worry about the availability of your data. The data is available to you at any time if you need it.

Backup of all data

Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup supports backup of virtual and physical servers, as well as IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris operating systems.

Protection against cyber threats

The most effective protection against hackers is prevention. That means proper employee training and an effective backup strategy based on Veeam’s golden rule.

Technologies we work with

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The most FAQs about Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup

What is used to replicate data to the cloud? 

With functionality implemented directly in Veeam software. The functionality is called Veeam Cloud Connect. Alternatively, we can provide replication using VMware Cloud Director Availability if the primary site is on a VMware hypervisor.

Which version of Veeam Backup & Replication do you support? 

All editions (Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise plus) are supported.

Can you also resell me Veeam licenses along with support?

Yes, we are a Veeam reseller partner. We can also resell licenses to you.