Use the HELIOS ERP system in the cloud

Eliminate the high upfront costs of purchasing infrastructure and software. Concentrate on your business while accessing the ERP as a service.

What are the advantages of Asseco Erport?


ERP by SaaS

Asseco Erport is software as a service (SaaS). This means that you don’t have to buy Helios licenses or servers and deal with their setup. You only pay one monthly fee based on the number of users. Helios is not closed in any way and can still be implemented and customized to your needs.


Integration with the Helios information system

The Asseco Erport product has been specifically designed for the operation of the Helios information system – Nephrite/​Green, Red and iNuvio. It is therefore carefully optimised to ensure that there are no negative impacts when the information system is transferred to the cloud.


Flexibility and scaling

One of the main benefits of a cloud service is a high degree of flexibility. The service always adapts to your current requirements. It is great at covering your seasonal fluctuations, for example. You can change the number of users and computing power on a daily basis.

Why ERPORT from us?

Geetoo and Asseco Solutions

Asseco Erport is the result of close cooperation between Asseco Solutions (authors of ERP Helios) and Geetoo. It is a secure solution through which you can use a full-fledged ERP system in the cloud. The technical solution was created in cooperation between the two teams and we are constantly improving it to achieve the highest quality.

Geographical location of data

We guarantee that your data will be located only in the Czech Republic (unless you wish otherwise). This ensures you meet most security standards, as you have visibility of where your data is. 

Technical support

As part of the service, you also get Czech support running 24/7/365, including helpdesk services and an SLA of 99.99%.

Zero initial investment

The service is based on i.e. OPEX model. So you are consuming an information system in a cloud environment that is billed on a monthly basis. Thus, you do not have to spend one-time high financial resources on the purchase of servers and other hardware for the operation of the information system. Rather, you can use the saved resources to further develop your business.

Also suitable for existing Helios users

If you have already purchased Helios in the past, you can still take advantage of the cloud. Don’t struggle forever with underperforming or substandard servers. We will simply migrate Helios to the cloud and you will only pay a monthly fee for its operation.

Technologies we work with

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You are most often interested in Asseco Erport

What is Asseco Erport?

Helios information system in the cloud.

Who is the Asseco Erport service for?

For existing or new customers who run or are considering buying Helios software.

What are the most common usecases for using Asseco Erport?

If you want to use Helios software and consume it as a service and not worry about hardware, licenses, administration. It is the only certified solution for running Helios in the cloud.

What are the main benefits of Asseco Erport?

Flexibility and scalability of users, full integration with the Helios information system, zero initial investment.

Does the product support Asseco Erport and Asseco Solution?

Yes, this is the only certified solution for running Helios in the cloud.

Can I scale users in Asseco Erport?

Yes, flexible scaling is one of the biggest benefits of Asseco Erport. You can scale the number of users on a monthly basis and only pay for what you need. All the necessary software for individual users is included in the price of Asseco Erport itself.