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General information

What is Asseco ERPORT?

HELIOS information system in the cloud.

Who is the Asseco ERPORT service for?

For existing or new customers who operate or are considering purchasing HELIOS software.

What is the most common use case for using Asseco ERPORT?

If you want to use HELIOS software and consume it as a service and not worry about hardware, licenses, administration. It is the only certified solution for running HELIOS in the cloud.

What are the main benefits of Asseco ERPORT?

Flexibility and scalability of users, full integration with the HELIOS information system, zero initial investment.

What availability guarantee do you provide for Asseco Erport?

We guarantee an availability (SLA) of 99.99%.

For what period of time can I purchase the product?

We offer the product for an indefinite duration, but for a minimum of one month.

How can I start using the product?

Please contact our sales department on +420 226 299 899 or by email at

Do you offer a demo environment?

Yes, we are happy to set up a free demo environment for you for one month. The demo environment can then be seamlessly transitioned to the production version.

Does the product support Asseco ERPORT and Asseco Solution?

Yes, this is the only certified solution for running Helios in the cloud.

Can I scale users in Asseco ERPORT?

Yes, flexible scaling is one of the biggest benefits of Asseco ERPORT. You can scale the number of users on a monthly basis and only pay for what you need. All necessary software for individual users is included in the price of Asseco ERPORT itself.


How is the HELIOS application launched? How can I access Asseco Erport?

By publishing the application on the remote desktop or via https protocol (depending on the edition).

How do I log in to HELIOS?

Users log in only when connected to the remote desktop, where they enter a user name and password. By default, immediately after logging in, Helios automatically starts, which identifies the user using NT authentication.

Thick client or remote desktop?

HELIOS Orange by default from the remote desktop, HELIOS Green by default via a thick client.

How much connectivity do customers need to access Asseco ERPORT?

On average, about 128 – 256kbps per user is required.

Can I print on local printers?


Can users use other peripherals (e.g. barcode scanners, etc.)?

In general, yes, but it is always necessary to test the functionality of a particular device beforehand.

Can users access their local drives?


Where is the data located?

We run the environment on our Geetoo Cloud. We do not use the sites of global cloud providers for operations. The data is located in the Czech or Slovak Republic.

Can I connect to the app without an internet connection?

In case of unavailability of the Internet connection, it is not possible to connect to the Asseco ERPORT service. The HELIOS application cannot be used without an internet connection.

Does the Asseco ERPORT product include the management of local servers and PC stations at the customer’s site?

No, the customer (or ASOL / ASOL partner) is responsible for the management of the local network and stations.

Which disks are used for running Asseco ERPORT?

Full-flash storage (SSD) is used as standard.

Are the resources dedicated or shared?

We provide the product within the shared infrastructure of the Geetoo cloud, where we create a dedicated vDC (virtual data center). Your part is therefore dedicated to you and is not shared or used by other customers.

What are the minimum and maximum product parameters?

The minimum configuration of Asseco ERPORT that is sufficient for small customers is 4vCPU, 4GB RAM, 200GB HDD. There is no maximum limit thereafter.

How do I know the sufficient configuration for our enterprise?

Our specialists will help you to choose a specific configuration.

Is the data in Asseco ERPORT backed up?

Yes, if the customer orders a configuration including data backup (recommended).

How long is the data stored in the backup?

Backups are made once a day and backups for the last 14 days are stored as standard.

What backup software do we use?

Veeam Backup & Replication software is used for data backup.

Can I change the service parameters over time?

Yes, we will change your assigned resources upon request. The change will usually take place within the next day of the request.


What does the price of a product consist of?

You pay only for the computing resources and disk space allocated to you.

Can Asseco ERPORT also be charged according to the number of accessing users?

No, we only charge for computing resources and disk space.

What financial models can I pay for the product in?

We provide the product on a monthly lump sum basis (i.e. you pay for the assigned resources each month).

Is there a charge for bandwidth to and from the cloud?

No. No fee is charged for the data transferred.

Are IOPS counts on disk arrays charged?

No. There is no charge for IOPS consumed on disk arrays.


Do I need to use a software license to use the product?

To run HELLIOS in the cloud, you need the HELIOS license itself + additional Microsoft licenses. We are able to rent all licenses to you on a monthly basis, so you do not need to own any of these licenses.

Can I use my own SQL licenses?

Yes, however, you need to run Asseco ERPORT in a special mode (dedicated environment).

What should I do if I don’t have my own SQL licenses?

We offer rental of MS SQL licenses in different editions, according to your needs. The license is rented on a monthly basis, so there is no need to incur one-time large investment costs.

What versions of MS SQL do we need?

Depends on the edition of Helios. For small customers with Helios Easy, MS SQL Express (free license) may be sufficient. The needs of other customers are safely covered by the MS SQL Standard edition (paid version).

Can I use the service even if I already own a HELIOS license?

Yes, you can transfer your licenses to Asseco ERPORT free of charge at no additional cost.

Is it necessary to pay any license fees for external devices that connect to the server (printers, terminals, cash registers, etc.)?

No, the license is paid only for the user.

Is it possible to use MS Office?

Yes, we can rent you a cloud licence, which allows you to use the MS Office suite of applications in Asseco ERPORT.

Is it possible to use MS Office 365 license in Asseco ERPORT?

Generally yes, but you need to consult our specialists beforehand.