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VMware on Geetoo

General information

What is VMware on Geetoo?

Dedicated cloud environment based on VMware technologies.

Who is VMware on Geetoo for?

I would like to expand or move my own data center to the cloud but at the same time keep my existing administration tools. I don’t want to convert data and deal with binary incompatibility.

What is the most common use case for using VMware on Geetoo?

Replacement or expansion of the existing data center, transition of investment to operating costs, resolution of disaster recovery data center, hybrid connection.

What SLAs do you provide for VMware on Geetoo?

We guarantee an SLA of 99.99%.

For what period of time can I purchase the product?

The product is offered in the form of PAYG with a minimum period of one month and a maximum period of five years.

What is the difference between VMware on Geetoo and Geetoo Private Cloud?

Geetoo Private Cloud are physical servers with virtualization software in Geetoo Cloud. VMware on Geetoo is a complete managed SDDC on the VMware platform in the cloud.

How can I start using the product?

Please contact our sales department on +420 226 299 899 or by email at


How can I manage VMware on Geetoo?

Your existing vCenter administration portal will be used to manage VMware on Geetoo.

How can I integrate VMware on Geetoo with other Geetoo products?

Use a hybrid connection to connect your environment with other products running in the Geetoo Cloud. This option is supported.

From what environment is VMware on Geetoo running?

We run the environment on our Geetoo cloud. We do not use the sites of global cloud providers for operations.

Are the resources dedicated or shared?

The entire environment is dedicated to one customer only.

How can I scale resources?

You can freely add individual nodes or, for example, increase the operating memory or disk capacity of an existing solution.

What is the minimum number of nodes for VMware on Geetoo?


What is the minimum number of replication nodes in a Cluster solution?

The minimum number of replicated nodes is 2.

What is the maximum number of nodes for VMware on Geetoo?


What storage do you provide for VMware on Geetoo?

We provide HPE 3PAR shared storage or VMware vSAN dedicated virtual storage.

Is the data on the storage encrypted?

Yes, data encryption is performed using VMware vSAN virtual storage.

How is the backup done?

You can back up the solution yourself, or we can help you with it after prior consultation.


How are VMware on Geetoo fees charged?

Billing is done by PAYG on a monthly basis for actual resources consumed.

Do I have to pay additional fees for the licenses or are they already included in the price?

Licenses for basic use of VMware on Geetoo are already included in the price.

Is there a charge for bandwidth to and from the cloud?

No. There is no charge for the transferred data.

Are IOPS counts on disk arrays charged?

No. There is no charge for IOPS consumed on disk arrays.


What licenses are included in the product?

We provide you with VMware licenses for running products such as. vSphere, NSX‑T and others.

Can I use my own purchased VMware licenses?

Yes, you can. You can make use of your existing investments.

Can I use my own purchased Windows licenses?

Yes, the entire environment is dedicated so you are not violating the terms for running on shared infrastructure.