Replace expensive physical hardware with powerful virtual desktops

Geetoo 3D Desktop is a solution of accelerated virtual desktops in the cloud. It’s perfect for architects, designers, and engineers, offering each of them a secure and highly performant desktop, fully replacing the need for a physical workstation. 

What are the perks of Geetoo 3D Desktop?


Moving performance to the cloud

There’s no need to purchase or manage expensive local workstations. The desktops’ processing power is handled by servers equipped with professional-grade graphic cards, eliminating the necessity for high-end workstations. 


3D Desktop Performance

Geetoo 3D Desktops are powered by top-tier Nvidia professional-grade graphics cards, ensuring users get maximum performance. 


All platforms

Virtual desktops can be delivered even to outdated laptops or workstations. Whether you let your existing, underperforming devices run their course or replace them with new ones, the desktop’s performance is ensured by cloud computing resources. 


Maximum safety

Protecting intellectual property is critical in the field of development. Virtual desktops with 3D acceleration significantly enhance control over data location and usage, reducing the risk of theft. No data is stored on endpoint devices. In case of device theft or employee departure, there is no data loss, and resuming work on ongoing projects is seamless. 

Why 3D virtual desktops from us?

Endpoint Security

Corporate and application data are not stored on the endpoint device. In the event of a lost notebook or mobile device, there is no risk of losing company data. 

Infrastructure consolidation

Virtual desktops are hosted on highly powerful and redundant cloud infrastructure, overseen and managed by specialists.

Data leakage protection

It’s possible to control and restrict peripheral connections, ensuring maximum protection against potential data leaks. Additionally, desktop transfer between the cloud and the endpoint is encrypted.” 

Mobility and flexibility

Accelerated virtual desktops are transforming work possibilities. It’s easy to collaborate among geographically separated teams or utilize your own ‘virtual’ team of workers in distinct locations. 

Cooperation on large-scale projects

Virtual desktops can revolutionize and expedite work on complex and extensive projects, enabling easier collaboration and information transfer. 

Technologies we work with

Data leakage protection

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The most FAQs about Geetoo 3D Desktop

What is Geetoo 3D Desktop?

Geetoo 3D Desktop is a solution for accelerated virtual desktops in the cloud. It is ideal for architects, designers, and constructors, each of whom has access to a secure, innovative, and highly powerful desktop that fully replaces a physical workstation. 

Who is Geetoo 3D Desktop for?

For architects, designers, and constructors who require a very powerful desktop replacing a physical workstation.

How does Geetoo 3D Desktop work?

NVIDIA Tesla Grid cards allow sharing the performance of their graphic processors among individual users of virtual servers. Special GRID vGPU technology transmits the graphic requirements of the operating system and applications directly to the GPU without greatly affecting the performance by the hypervisor. This allows highly efficient allocation and control of available graphic resources among multiple users without performance degradation. 

How is the virtual desktop delivered to my computer?

The virtual desktop can be displayed in a web browser, where no additional modules or Flash support, etc., are needed. A client can also be installed on the endpoint. 

What graphics cards do you use?

NVIDIA Grid Tesla graphics cards. The specific type varies based on the particular project. 

What applications does Geetoo 3D Desktop support?

Geetoo 3D Desktop is compatible with most well-known software (e.g., Autodesk, Siemens PLM, Maxin, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Solidworks, Dessault, Skyline, and others).