Offer VMware services
under you own brand.

We will provide you with VMware licenses for shared infrastructure on a monthly basis.

What are the advantages of collaborating with Geetoo?


Autonomy and optimization

Provide VMware services on your own hardware infrastructure. We will advise you on the setup so you do not pay more than you have to. 


Additional services

Collaborating with us will allow you to use a full range of additional services and implement an effective multicloud strategy.


Dedicated VMware team

In addition to the VMware licenses themselves, you have access to the experienced Geetoo L1/L2 support team.


Cooperative partnership

Our goal is to support your business objectives, not to compete with you.

Why choose Geetoo?

Partnership with VMware

We have been a long-standing partner of VMware. In recent years, we have repeatedly won the VMware Cloud Provider of the Year award. As a result, we are part of the Broadcom Advantage Program at the Premier level. 

White-label experience

White-label collaboration is not new to us. We have been offering VMware services and licenses this way for seven years. Primarily, we engage in wholesale cooperation. Therefore, we are not competitors to our customers. 

Expert VMware team

We have been involved in the world of modern technologies for over 20 years and were at the birth of the Czech cloud. We have top VMware experts whose knowledge is supported by acquired certificates. 

No commitment needed

Our white-label offer does not require a time commitment or a certain number of cores. It will be very useful for you if you consume a different volume of resources every month. 

Subsequent services

We have a wide range of products for you that will suitably complement your VMware environment. For example, robust DR and backup tools to ensure data protection and business continuity. 

Technologies we work with

Michal Hampl, Managing Director of Geetoo

„Geetoo has been using white-labeling for several years now in collaboration and support of other cloud providers on the local market.”

Your success is our priority

Join the hundreds of companies using the Geetoo cloud to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions about White-Label Collaboration.

Who is white-label collaboration intended for?

White-label collaboration is intended for all CSPs registered with Broadcom who are located in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom.

How much does transferring to Geetoo?

Transferring to us is completely free.

What tools do we need?

For reporting, a so-called “Usage Meter” provided by Broadcom is needed. usage meter poskytovaný společností Broadcom. 

At what level do we provide licenses in white-labeling?

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF).

How is the infrastructure within the VCF package licensed?

Per physical processor core, with a minimum of 16 licensed processor cores per CPU socket.

Is a minimum commitment required for the overall number of CPU cores subscribed?

No, it is not.

Is a time commitment required?

No – the service can be paid monthly, prepaid annually, or up to 3 years in advance. The time commitment offers provided discounts and it is up to the customer whether they want to commit or not. 

Do we provide VMware products beyond the VCF within white-labeling?

Yes, we can also provide products in the form of add-ons, such as: vSAN add-on; VMware Site Recovery Manager Enterprise; Firewall; Firewall with ATP; Gateway Firewall; AVI Load Balancer; or Tanzu Mission Control Self-Managed.

What support is tied to the licenses?

L1: 2 hours per 100 VCF cores.

What are the contact methods for the technical department?

Email, 24/7 telephone line.