Move your VMware infrastructure to the cloud

VMware on Geetoo is a fully software-defined data center in the cloud, utilizing native VMware technologies.

What benefits can you expect?


Do you have VMware and want to go to the cloud?

With VMware on Geetoo, you can easily reap the benefits of the cloud without having to change your VMware architecture. Plus, you keep your existing licenses.


Unified tools for automation and security

Maintain your existing security standards, procedure sets or role definitions. With the move to the cloud, you will enjoy its benefits but your existing setup will be preserved.


Removing binary incompatibility

Converting virtual infrastructure to global providers is challenging. With VMware technologies on both sides (on-premise and Geetoo), you can easily eliminate these problems.


Costs under control

You pay for all infrastructure costs on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis. If you have VMware licenses, you can transfer them to the cloud. You pay nothing extra. 

Options for using VMware on Geetoo

Datacentre replacement

We deliver secure hardware in a professional datacenter. We prepare our managed VMware environment and infrastructure.

From investment to operating costs

We are able to offer you VMware on Geetoo in our cloud and help you with the transition to the PAYG payment model. This will minimise investment costs

Disaster Recovery

Looking for the most effective way to solve disaster recovery? Use VMware on Geetoo to quickly set up a virtualized environment in a secure data center.

Your success is at the heart of our mission

Join the hundreds of companies using Geetoo VMware to grow.

The most FAQs about VMware 

Can I convert my virtual servers to Geetoo Cloud Compute?

The environment is run on VMware technologies. If you run virtual servers on top of VMware vSphere, migration is easier. If you are using a different virtualization platform or physical servers, the virtual servers must be converted.

Do you charge a fee for VMware licenses?

No, this price is already included in the product price. There is no additional fee.

Can I transfer my own VMware licenses to you?

No. As part of the Geetoo Cloud Compute service, we will supply you with all the necessary VMware licenses. Custom licenses can be used with Geetoo Private Cloud dedicated server service.