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Geetoo Technology is one of the cloud pioneers in the Czech Republic. With twenty years in the industry and a wealth of experience, we can design the best technology strategy to our customers across Europe. The team of certified experts ensures everything from infrastructure design, delivering top-notch hardware, to comprehensive management and professional support 24/7.

Our mission

Since our inception, we have been helping companies of all sizes to harness the true potential of modern technologies. Our high-quality infrastructure and extensive expertise allow us to deliver innovative multi-cloud strategies tailored to your business.

“The pursuit of perfection is carved into our DNA. We are constantly improving and striving to deliver services of the highest quality.”

Geetoo Management

Michal Hampl

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Michal co-founded Geetoo with his classmate Vladimír. As a former CTO, he possesses a deep insight into the world of technology. Utilizing his knowledge, he contributes to resolving IT challenges for businesses of all sizes, whether on a local or global scale. He is the mastermind behind most of the efficient technological solutions crucial for fulfilling our mission successfully.

Jakub Herink

Sales Director

Jakub is a seasoned IT veteran with over two decades in the field, 12 of which have been dedicated to Geetoo. He’s in charge of business development. This encompasses business strategy, identifying new opportunities, and leading his sales team to achieve set goals. His ability to craft a clear and effective vision is crucial for success in the market. As the client portfolio manager, Jakub ensures that each company receives individual support, care, and the best solutions tailored to their needs.

Martin Javorsky

Technical Director

Martin oversees the technical support team and a group of experts in cloud technologies. As one of the longest-serving members of Geetoo, he has been with us since the early days. He installed his first cloud following a YouTube tutorial during VMware’s early partnership program days. Since then, Martin has not only earned VCP certifications from VMware but has also gained invaluable practical experience in managing virtualized infrastructures, making him a standout expert.

Rostislav Berka

Finance Director

After studying finance at university, Rostislav honed his skills at a company belonging to the “BIG4”. His career path led him through various financial roles in different sectors. In 2023, he joined Geetoo as Finance Director, responsible for the accounting and controlling departments. He plays a crucial role in ensuring financial stability and driving strategic projects for the entire group.

Kristýna Leniczka

HR & Ops Director

Kristýna brings extensive leadership experience from managing the operational team at Hilton hotel. Joining Geetoo in 2020, she actively engaged in the corporate transformation process, contributing to strategic decisions. Transitioning to HR & Ops Director, Kristýna is a key strategic partner shaping the company’s direction and enhancing human capital development. Her role involves aligning the company’s strategy with its human resources, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.

Jan Šimků

Marketing Director

Honza has been involved in marketing since university, where he studied this field, and subsequently gained experience with international companies. In 2023, he joined Geetoo Technology as a Brand Manager, overseeing not only brand-related tasks but also the entire portfolio of marketing activities, including communications, events, and more. His main goal is to maintain and further enhance the good reputation of Geetoo.

Set the IT trends with us

Stay ahead in the tech game with us. We don’t just adapt; we set the trends. Geetoo’s mission is to lead the European cloud scene, providing unparalleled digital solutions. Eager to be part of our mission? Join Team Geetoo today.

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