Experience true data freedom

Geetoo S3 is a modern object storage consumed in the form of PAYG.

What benefits does our S3 bring you?


Flexibility and scalability

Unlimited object storage consumed in the form of PAYG. Create your own partitions and assign the necessary quotas.


Cloud-native storage

S3 is one of the standard tools for modern application development. Accelerate your time-to-market by using today’s most widely used storage.


Transparent costs

We do not charge for data transfer, number of operations or bandwidth. You only pay for the size of the data stored.


Geographical redundancy

To achieve maximum availability and security, the service is operated from several geographically separated datacentres. The data redundancy itself is provided by Erasure coding.

Why Cloud from us?

PAYG consumption

Consumption of stored capacity is charged in PAYG mode – you only pay for what you actually consume.

Maximum security of objects

Use Object Lock to protect your data from deletion and ransomware attacks. 

Full compatibility

Geetoo S3 Cloud Storage is an AWS-compatible type of storage running on the Cloudian platform.

Develop Faster

With S3 technology, you can run your applications as easily scalable microservices in a Kubernetes environment. Accelerate your development cycle and give your websites maximum flexibility.

Get better information

Use Geetoo S3 to create a robust data lake architecture. With efficient data storage and management, you get better analytics and unlock valuable business insights.

Technologies we work with

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Join the hundreds of companies using the Geetoo cloud to grow.

The most FAQs about Geetoo S3

What is Geetoo S3

Geetoo S3 is a cloud object storage product that meets all standards for object storage.

Who is the Geetoo S3 for?

Geetoo S3 storage is designed for developers and enterprises who want to take advantage of the functionality of S3 storage. Object storage has become one of the most used data storage solutions today. Thanks to its functionalities, it can cover a wide range of user needs.

Is the data spread across multiple geographic locations?

Yes, the Geetoo S3 product is operated from several geographically separated data centers.

What disk tiers do you offer?

We currently offer two disk tiers – Premium and No-Frequent. Disk tiers differ from each other in latency and maximum data throughput.