Be in total control of your data and computing power

Geetoo Private Cloud is a dedicated environment suitable for anyone looking for the benefits of the cloud while requiring physically separate resources.

What are the benefits of Private Cloud?


Cloud under your own management 

You are in full control of yours. All resources are dedicated purely for your needs. You can manage your infrastructure with full administrative rights without additional restrictions.


High standards

Private clouds are always located in state-of-the-art data centres that meet strict security standards and certifications. Each operating environment is 100% dedicated to only one customer. 


Expenses under control with no hidden charges

By reserving resources for a given period, you can effectively control the saving of financial resources and thus reduce the costs of running IT services. You always have an overview of all the costs of the service.


Flexibility and resource expansion

Scalability is as easy in the Geetoo Private Cloud as it is in a public environment. Despite the dedicated infrastructure, we offer you a high flexibility of service when increasing hardware resources.

Why use Geetoo’s private cloud?

Substantiated experience

We have been in the world of modern technologies for over 20 years and we were at the birth of the Czech cloud. We have top experts whose knowledge is backed by certificates.

Guarantee of operation

Running servers in the Geetoo Private Cloud involves our constant material maintenance, ensuring the availability and high quality of all resources needed to run the server. Using the infrastructure in our environment means getting all the benefits of a professional datacenter.

Tailor-made solutions

Geetoo Private cloud is the ideal choice if you are looking for a tailor-made solution. You can choose from a number of pre-configured options, but if these options do not suit you, you can choose a specific type of hardware with specific accessories.

Private cloud is ideal in a regulatory environment

The private cloud is best suited for companies and organizations that need to meet strict regulatory requirements and for those who have high demands on the hardware used.

Technologies we work with

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The most FAQs about Geetoo Private Cloud

What is Geetoo Private Cloud?

Geetoo Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud environment suitable for all customers who seek the benefits of the cloud and need an environment that is physically separate from others.

Who is Geetoo Private Cloud for?

Geetoo Private Cloud is designed for use when the public cloud is not a suitable option for running applications. For example, for specific licensing restrictions.

What CPUs do you offer for Geetoo Private Cloud?

All CPUs are Intel Xeon Scalable series. Upon agreement, we are also able to offer you your specified CPU.

Can I host Geetoo Private Cloud in my datacenter?

Yes. If necessary, it is possible to run the Geetoo Private Cloud service in your datacenter.