Get a secure backup location for your data

Geetoo Disaster Recovery is powered by Veeam technology. Its goal is to ensure the maximum availability of your data. In the event of a primary location failure, operations are redirected, and your services and applications run from the disaster recovery location – the Geetoo cloud.

What are the benefits of Geetoo Disaster Recovery?


Backup location

You can build a secure backup site in the cloud for virtual servers without the need for costly investments.


Safely stored data

All data is stored on powerful and secure storage in certified data centres.



It doesn’t matter how much or how fast your infrastructure grows. With a cloud datacentre, you can scale performance and data storage according to your needs.


Quick Response to Outages

In the event of a disaster or unavailability of the data centre, starting up a backup environment in the cloud is a matter of minutes.

Why DR from us?

Reliability test

It is possible to perform regular tests of the functionality of the backup site and always have operational certainty.


The cloud is a cost-effective backup data centre. You only pay for the actual resources consumed.

Veeam Partnership

Veeam is one of the market leaders in backup. We have a long-standing partnership with Veeam. The expertise of our technicians is reflected in our current Gold Service Provider and Gold Reseller certifications.

Veeam Cloud Connect

The administration interface includes the activation of the cloud connection “Veeam Cloud Connect Replication”. With this functionality, you can start replicating your data to the cloud. The data is encrypted on your side and is secured with an SSL certificate and an AES 256-bit key. This enables secure communication between your environment and the cloud.

Provision of a licence

If you don’t have Veeam software or are just about to run out of support, we can offer you a monthly license rental with no upfront cost!

Technologies we work with

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The most frequently asked questions about Geetoo Disaster Recovery

What is Geetoo Disaster Recovery?

Geetoo Disaster Recovery ensures maximum availability of your data. When your primary site fails, traffic is redirected and your services and applications run from the disaster recovery site – the Geetoo cloud. 

Who is Geetoo Disaster Recovery for?

It is suitable for customers who require high availability of data and applications and cannot afford outages of minutes or hours. Disaster Recovery is suitable for companies with continuous operations, banks and other companies that care about maximum availability. 

How does Geetoo Disaster Recovery work?

The customer operates its own on-premise infrastructure in its own data centre. Using special protocols, it connects to the Geetoo cloud and starts replicating its data and creating a duplicate infrastructure in the Geetoo cloud. If there is an outage of the primary site, the traffic is redirected to the Geetoo cloud and the customer is not affected by the outage of the primary site. 

What is used to replicate data to the cloud? 

With functionality implemented directly in Veeam software. The functionality is called Veeam Cloud Connect. Alternatively, we can provide replication using VMware Cloud Director Availability if the primary site is on a VMware hypervisor.

What does the price of a product consist of? 

You pay for the computing resources we hold for you within the Geetoo cloud and for disk storage.