Let us handle your IT worries and ocus on your business growth

Geetoo provides comprehensive IT management both in on-premises and cloud environments. We take responsibility for the operation of IT infrastructure, networking, operating systems, and more. Leveraging our experience in modern cloud-based IT operations, we apply this expertise to manage your on-premises IT environment effectively.

Why leave your IT management to us?


Development and planning

We are in touch with your other IT service providers. We evaluate the quality of the technologies offered and select the best ones for you. We take care of planning IT needs for the next periods and suggest possible development of new technologies. By doing so, we help to improve, cheapen and speed up your current environment.



We take an innovative approach to IT outsourcing. Unlike standard infrastructure or operating system management, we bring you many benefits that allow you to take your IT to a higher level of quality. Together we develop your vision and plans for the future and continuously innovate your environment to achieve the necessary goals.



We provide you with our specialists who discuss your needs in detail with you and suggest suitable solutions. We provide analyses of the operation of infrastructure and applications, which we then consult with you and try to improve their operation and operation.


The responsibility is ours

We have full responsibility for the IT infrastructure, network elements and operating systems. We can also provide database and platform support, including end-to-end application maintenance.

Benefits of IT outsourcing

Cloud Managed Services

We have extensive experience in the operation of cloud technologies, which we transfer to IT outsourcing. From the data center investment cost structure, we can help you convert to PAYG metrics based on actual consumption. You will consume the hardware as a service and we can provide you with the necessary licenses from special cloud programs.

Focus on your business

The IT department is usually perceived in companies as a pure cost item. Companies want to focus on their area of business. Not for running IT systems. We take over the daily routine of managing systems for you, giving you more time to develop and innovate new technologies.

IT outsourcing options

We take care of infrastructure that resides in public clouds, private and dedicated environments or on-premise local data centers. We have divided roles in assuming responsibilities and levels of management of individual components. We are specialists in operating infrastructure in the cloud and we bring this experience to the management of on-premise environments. 

Technologies we work with

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