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Geetoo Kubernetes

General information

What is Geetoo Kubernetes?

Software that sits between the application and the virtualization or hardware infrastructure. Geetoo Kubernetes is a container manager and orchestration system that abstracts the underlying infrastructure so you can easily run and manage multi-cloud applications using container deployments.

Why Geetoo Kubernetes?

Geetoo Kubernetes enables organizations to develop faster, i.e. by installing the software. It simplifies daily management, upgrades, security patch deployment and scaling to keep your application running as fast, simple and stable as possible. Geetoo Kubernetes provides these applications with an environment in which they can be easily deployed, operated and scaled.

Who is Geetoo Kubernetes for?

For developers, operations, and system administrators.

What does Geetoo Kubernetes bring to developers?

Developers like Kubernetes because it provides the necessary APIs that they can leverage to easily deploy applications in containers. This allows you to focus more on application development regardless of how you deploy and run the application. it is easy to develop an application on a laptop or workstation and then transfer it to kubernetes and docker using containers.

What does Geetoo Kubernetes bring to the operations department?

System administrators like kubernetes because it automates many of the common tasks they have to do and maintain to keep the application running. Thanks to the deployment of kubernetes, they can run applications regardless of server outages and necessary nightly interventions.

What are the biggest benefits of Geetoo Kubernetes?

Geetoo Kubernetes speeds up software and application development because developers can spend more time writing code instead of preparing the environment and infrastructure. Prevents vendor lock-in – By standardizing kubernetes through open source development, it is possible to run applications on-premise or in private clouds or public clouds. There is no difference between managing an application on-premise or in multi-cloud environments.

What is the most common use case?

The most common use is for applications that are upgrading, have rapid development and frequent changes. It is also suitable for horizontally scaled applications or applications that require high availability and flexibility for daily maintenance.

What SLAs do you provide for Geetoo Kubernetes?

We provide 99.99% as standard.

How long is the delivery time of Geetoo Kubernetes?

Delivery time depends on the scale of the environment and other factors. Optimally, this is within 5 working days.


What does Kubernetes get from us at Geetoo?

You get a pre-built environment for your size needs and a sufficient number of master and worker nodes or number of clusters.

What do we care?

We take care of the deployment and operation of Kubernetes, and a higher level of management and operation is possible upon agreement, including setting up daily operations.

What are the components and architecture?

The architecture is based on standard open source components

What are the limits of Geetoo Kubernetes?

The limits are determined by the architecture and the current version of Kubernetes. 

Can I transfer my K8s to Geetoo?

Yes, we provide assistance in migrating existing solutions to the cloud.

Are the resources dedicated or shared?

Kubernetes is exposed on public resources, with each cluster dedicated to a specific customer. For added protection and security, we can also expose the environment on a dedicated platform on request. 

Can I change the service parameters over time?

Yes, you can. This is provided by us as the operator of K8s. 

What rights do I have in Geetoo Kubernetes?

The customer gets “cluster admin” rights and thus has full control over the Kubernetes cluster. 


What does Geetoo Kubernetes charge for?

We charge for the running worker and master nodes and for the environment management.

What financial models can be used to pay for the product.

By default, the product is billed on a monthly basis for a flat monthly payment for assigned resources. Alternatively, the product may be charged in PAYG mode.

Can I subscribe to the product?

Yes, it is possible to subscribe to the product for a certain period of time by prior agreement. 

What is the minimum time to use Geetoo Kubernetes?

We offer Geetoo Kubernetes on a no-time basis and also in PAYG mode. 

Is there a charge for bandwidth to and from the cloud?

No. No fee is charged for the data transferred.

Are IOPS counts on disk arrays charged?

No. There is no charge for IOPS consumed on disk arrays.


Do I need any licenses for Geetoo Kubernetes?

No, no licenses are required for this product.