ISO/IEC 27017:2017 and its benefits

The standard ISO/IEC 27017:2017 specifically addresses information security for cloud providers, specifically setting out processes for defining mutual responsibilities, contractual relationships, service setup and monitoring.

It’s not just a necessary formality

With the development of cloud computing, there is a demand for setting general information security standards for hosted environments. It is understandable that outsourcing our own operations to a contractor brings its own procedural pitfalls, which is why we are constantly striving to improve our contract documentation and related internal processes.

In our general terms and conditions and related documents, we address mutual rights and obligations in the provision of cloud services, responsibility for data retention after termination of the contract, strict separation of customer environments on shared computing infrastructure, etc.

Further information


Product description

The contractual, business and technical specifics of each cloud product are clearly reflected in the Product Description. Here you will find, for example. how we guarantee SLAs, what we are responsible for in the product and what is no longer part of the product. The level of technical support is standardized into three basic packages, which, depending on their content, guarantee different access to our knowledge-base and trained technical support staff, or a guaranteed time for technical support to start solving your request.


Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Agreement

The General Terms and Conditions contain the framework rules of our contractual relationship and are common to all cloud products. Here you will find both the basic rights and obligations arising from our contractual relationship and the general provisions of the SLA. The Data Protection Agreement is part of the General Terms and Conditions and contains provisions relating to safeguards for the protection of personal data, cyber security and information society services.

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