Geetoo awarded the Most Interesting Project of 2022

Due to the growing complexity of companies’ requirements for the information technology they deliver, their providers are facing ever greater demands. This trend is driving the need for strategic partnerships between service providers who can offer aggregated solutions to meet customer needs and save them the hassle of dealing with individual projects. An example of such cooperation is the long-standing partnership between Geetoo and Quantcom, which are among the leading players on the market.

We have been working with Quantcom for over 10 years and have moved forward significantly in that time. In the beginning, we primarily did infrastructure as a service for clients. Today, I am proud that we are able to provide comprehensive solutions, datacenters and connectivity to our mutual clients,” says Jakub Herink, sales director of Geetoo. 

Geetoo awarded Quantcom for the Most Interesting Project of 2022, which is the MyAirBridge data storage and sharing service. Experts from both companies have been involved for several years, not only as technology suppliers, but also as advisors for the construction and development of the platform. The project is a demonstration that a quality service with a quality technical background can be successful even at the international level.

Quantcom provides very flexible solutions according to the individual requirements of its customers. It is able to achieve this with a professional infrastructure and a personal approach. The solutions offered are not limited to defined technologies and locations. For the award-winning project of the customer MYAIRBRIDGE LTD. we provide services not only in the Czech Republic but also on the East and West coasts of the USA.

Michal Křiva, Key Account Manager at Quantcom


Geetoo has been in the IT industry for almost twenty years. He is a pioneer of cloud technologies in the Czech Republic, which he has been working on for eleven years. By operating its own cloud, it has a wealth of experience that it passes on to its customers when setting up a multi-cloud strategy. Besides that, he is dedicated to complex hardware provisioning, modern applications, Kubernetes and other modern technologies. In addition to the local market, Geetoo operates in other European countries, e.g. Slovakia, Great Britain, France or Italy. The company’s success is reflected in an annual turnover of around 600 million CZK. CZK or the prestigious award of Cloud Provider of the Year 2022 awarded by VMware.


Quantcom, a.s. (formerly Dial Telecom) is a nationwide telecommunications operator providing data, hosting and ICT services. The company is one of the four largest owners of fibre optic infrastructure in the country, which includes a backbone network across the Czech Republic, followed by metropolitan fibre optic networks owned by the company in Prague, Brno and regional cities. Quantcom is an important player in the wholesale market for data capacity and data transmission across Central Europe, but in the Czech market it focuses exclusively on business-to-business (B2B) customers.

08. 06. 2023