Geetoo cloud can be found almost everywhere in the Czech Republic

As a business and innovation partner, we are most pleased when we see the real impact of our work. In short, when the cloud and modern technology deliver tangible results.

Analysis of the use of our services by clients shows that Geetoo cloud is an integral part of everyday life in the Czech Republic. We are glad that the cloud is no longer just an abstract concept. It is a key technology that ensures the reliable and safe operation of the systems we encounter every day. We are all the more pleased that the Geetoo cloud is at the forefront and driving many of these key systems.

Our work plays a vital role in the physical world, where many things work thanks to our products and our know-how. By selecting from our many projects and references, we have created the following list of projects that work thanks to Geetoo cloud.


We are proud that our cloud supports part of the digital infrastructure of public transport, from traffic monitoring to GPS tracking. Our cloud-based solutions ensure the correct functioning of traffic lights, or inform bus passengers of current stops.

Cards and social benefits

Among our clients is Diebold Nixdorf, which processes approximately one third of card transactions in the Czech Republic. Our cloud also helps power the systems of banks such as J&T and insurance companies such as Kooperativa. 

We also contribute to the payment of social benefits or the distribution of lunches in school canteens. We also support communication hubs for the Office of the Government, the Office of the President of the Czech Republic, Reuters and football clubs such as Sparta and Slavia.

E‑commerce and culture

Our clients include leading retail and e‑commerce companies such as Sportisimo, Pilulka and Decathlon, and their size and needs are a big commitment for us. The Geetoo cloud also helps you seamlessly make ticket purchases on the Ticketstream portal.

We hope we’ve given you an idea of how widely and significantly Geetoo’s services touch your life. Our cloud solutions, whether in public transport, banking or retail, intersect with your everyday life more often than you might realise. 

At every step of our journey to innovate and improve our services, we pride ourselves on making positive changes that truly improve people’s lives, but also support the development of businesses and companies.At Geetoo, we are proud to be a silent but significant partner in your everyday life.