Simple Storage Service, or S3

Unlock the true potential of your data with S3, the smart cloud storage that is the best solution for seamless, secure and easily scalable data management.

Cloud based object storage

For the average PC user, the concept of S3 is not hard to understand. It is a cloud storage that works with objects. You can imagine them simply as documents, images or videos. They are stored together with the associated metadata in the so-called. bucketech. A bucket works in a similar way to an individual disk or volume.

Historical window

S3 was launched by AWS in 2006 before the cloud itself was widely adopted. And it triggered a giant revolution, which giants like Netflix, Pinterest, and AirBnB jumped on. It can be said that the “S‑Third” was one of the pillars of cloud computing. Businesses have dropped a stone from their wallets because the need to purchase expensive physical storage has been eliminated.

After more than fifteen years, Amazon S3 reports more than 100 trillion objects. Current developments are moving in other directions and new applications are being explored, for example, better handling of big data and machine learning. For example, Moderna has used data lake powered S3 to develop its vaccine.

Modern solutions

Geetoo offers custom S3 storage to give your data wings. It is a truly modern solution in the spirit of the “cloud native” principle with an open API. So you can count on deployment in a containerized Kubernetes environment. And thanks to the unified API, S3 also supports multi-cloud access.

What will Geetoo S3 bring you?

Our S3 is a flexible and scalable solution that you consume as a fixed monthly amount or in pay-as-you-go mode. This gives you 100% control over your spending.

What is the ideal use case? Geetoo S3 is great for media work and content distribution. It is popular with app and software developers. We currently offer 2 tiers: Backup and Premium. The name implies that backup is particularly suitable for backup and disaster recovery. It is also suitable for development and testing.

In contrast, the Premium tier runs exclusively on high-end SSDs. It is therefore optimized for all operations where speed, high availability and low latency are essential. For example, working with production data.

Other benefits are:

  • Transparent costs: compared to our competitors, you only pay for the size of the data stored. Not for operations or bandwidth. So you can scale flexibly without worry.
  • Security: use object lock to protect your data against accidental deletion or the ever-growing threat of ransomware attacks. This also makes the Geetoo S3 a convenient backup tool. It works well with Veeam solutions.
  • Speed: The service is powered by our fast SSD arrays, which are spread across 3 state-of-the-art data centres. This ensures high availability and speed of work with data.
19. 06. 2023