Veeam and object storage

It is clear that a review of the approach to data protection has never been more urgent. Data is a company’s most valuable asset. Their volume is growing exponentially and so are the threats. Managers responsible for running enterprise technology and applications face enormous challenges because without a robust backup strategy, they put their company’s business continuity at risk. Fortunately, backup platform developers are not resting on their laurels.

Before we go any further, let’s recap Veeam’s golden rule of backup. Yes, you may remember the winged formula 3 – 2‑1 – 1‑0. It says you should have 3 copies of the data on 2 media. Have one backup offsite and one backup immutable or cut off from the network. Zero means that the automatic recoverability verification does not find any errors.

Risks from inside & outside

Not backing up is the same as not having a life insurance policy. As long as nothing happens, you’re in the clear. But the current figures speak clearly. More than 80% of organisations face cyber threats and the rest may have been attacked too. He just might not know it yet. Hackers also attack hospitals and energy infrastructure. Attacks are enhanced by AI. They also often target the advances themselves. But problems can also come from within. Your hardware fails or an angry employee deletes critical data.

You, however, can rest easy. Because you have listened to your service provider and are using Geetoo Veeam Cloud Backup. You have Insider Protection enabled, which acts as a backup parachute. On your side, the data may appear to be deleted, but with us it remains intact for an agreed period of time. You pay a fixed price for the storage size and Veeam licenses, or you can use your own licenses with us.

Another piece to the backup equation

How does S3 object storage fit into the whole backup picture? Combined with the Veeam platform, this is the ideal solution to add functional and trusted immutability to your backup strategy. With the recent v12 update, the whole process is much easier. Logically, automotive comparisons come to mind, because Veeam v12 is really a supercharged twelve-cylinder. Its biggest novelty is the possibility of direct backup to object storage, which was also possible before, but it was more time-consuming and expensive.

This immutability, i.e. immutability, is very easy to set in backups with one click. Data marked in this way cannot be deleted or modified. Don’t worry, you can only “lock” them like this for 90 days in the basic settings. So you can’t just throw the data away and not be able to manipulate it.

S3 technology has a number of advantages. It is easily scalable, fast, and suitable for web development and web design. With us, you can consume it in pay-as-you-go mode, so you only pay for the space you actually use. What’s more, it’s all covered by a clear web interface. However, we are already moving on to other uses, which we will discuss next. If we’re talking in terms of backup strategy, S3 object storage is the ideal complement to ensure a restful sleep through immutability.

28. 08. 2023