ISO 9001:2016 and its benefits

Thanks to the implementation of procedures according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and the plan-do-check-act decision matrix, we are able to prevent potential risks related to the quality of the service provided much more effectively.

It’s not just a necessary formality

Many critics of various quality management systems argue that they are merely formal manuals that have little to do with real business management and product policy, especially in the dynamic IT services industry. The primary misunderstanding, however, lies in the perception of ISO standards as a barrier to innovation and bureaucracy, not as a guide to systematize internal decision-making so that everyone knows where to direct their suggestions and comments and when to formulate their conclusions.

Why do we care about the norm?


Service Level Agreement

A key element of our services is the guaranteed high availability and quality of service, which we contractually guarantee in the Service Level Agreement, contained both generally in our General Terms and Conditions and specifically for the product in the Product Description. We normally provide a monthly SLA of 99.99%, which represents guaranteed monthly service availability. However, our customers have the option to increase or decrease their SLA if necessary through additional products to save money. The SLA includes claims of unavailability of service, guaranteed response from our technical support and related financial compensation. Compensation tables are always part of the Product Description and reflect the specifics of the product.


Effective management and control

On the basis of the so-called. audited “Quality Manual” we follow a hierarchical management system and have internal operational documentation for all key activities. Here too, we try to take an innovative approach and don’t play director with big desks and assistants at the coffee machine. We distinguish between the management and accountability structure in day-to-day operations and project management of strategic issues. We put no limits to the initiative and abilities of our colleagues and it often happens that after assigning strategic topics to individual working groups, which we call “micro-teams”, the team leader invites the “management” who assigned the topic to him to work on it. However, the most important thing is to enter the projects correctly and check that the outputs meet the requirements. 


Customer satisfaction

One of the points of our “ten” corporate values is the focus on customer satisfaction, which is a top priority for us. We do not distinguish between “big ones” and “small ones”, but between those who are with us stably because they are satisfied and those who are with us for a short time and we have yet to build trust. For each customer request submitted to technical support, we monitor whether the customer was satisfied with the handling or not. If we find that the request has not been handled according to the customer’s expectations, we prefer to verify the solution over the phone. Should you be dissatisfied with our services or the conduct of any of our colleagues, we will certainly address the matter.



We’re not just a reseller of enterprise hardware and licenses, we pride ourselves on the in-house development and sophisticated innovation we put into our cloud products. Our colleagues from Product follow global trends and we are often the first on the CZ + SK market to introduce innovative technologies into customer production. However, we are often faced with the problem of priorities, the decision matrix of the Quality Manual helps us at the Board meeting level to determine the development life cycles and cost structures of new products in order to effectively manage human and financial resources, the lack of which would put the rest of the organization at risk.

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