EDUA GROUP achieved maximum flexibility of its IT by moving to Geetoo cloud.

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For some time now, EDUA Group has been addressing the issue of unifying and simplifying the management of endpoint devices, which serve as a work tool for instructors and other team members. 

Due to the large number of employees and new projects, you need to be flexible with the number and types of user accounts that team members access. Using Geetoo Cloud Desktop means simplifying the overall management of work devices, increasing IT flexibility and saving a lot of money.


The EDUA Group was faced with the fact that the IT department of 5 people in collaboration with Storage One was responsible for the smooth running of all the technologies, but was looking for a solution that would simplify and streamline the individual processes and at the same time offer lecturers accessibility to individual learning resources at any workplace, on any end device.


EDUA Group’s IT department considered the various solution options with its technology partner, Storage One, a company focused on delivering complete solutions, and after a detailed analysis of the options, decided to use virtual desktops as a cloud service. They have chosen the leading Czech cloud provider, Geetoo, and its Geetoo Cloud Desktop solution. 

Choosing a VDI solution allows you to quickly create and securely deliver a working environment to users wherever they work, on any type of desktop or mobile device. The virtual desktop maintains a high degree of IT control with high data and application security. 

The Geetoo Cloud Desktop solution supports a wide variety of device types, as virtual desktops can be delivered even to a very outdated laptop or workstation. Since desktop performance is provided by computing resources in the cloud, it is possible to use an older or less powerful workstation. The desktop is then delivered to the end device using PCOIP or VMware BLAST protocols.

“The Geetoo Cloud Desktop solution has simplified and streamlined our complete IT management (including software licenses, which are included) across workstations. We are now able to respond much more easily and quickly to new acquisitions and lecturer needs. This solution has also reduced our IT management and overall operational costs.” 

Michael Horowitz
Digital & Data Director, EDUA Group


  • Speed and convenience 
  • Mobility Access from any device 
  • Reduction of overall IT costs and downtime for trainers 
  • Increased IT efficiency, easy management 
  • Scalability and flexibility


VDI allows you to choose different types of desktops. Virtual desktop delivery takes many forms and it is up to the IT department to choose which type of virtual desktops to offer users. In the case of the EDUA Group, two different settings were chosen depending on the type of users. Employees use persistent type of virtual desktops within the workflow, which preserves user data and is preferred for office use. The lecturers themselves in various parts of the country use a floating type of virtual desktop, which always returns to its original state after connection and is thus ideal for training and teaching.

“By opting for virtual desktops after Storage One’s recommendation, our IT can focus on system administration rather than the operation and functionality of individual devices. The Geetoo Cloud Desktop solution offers us a fast and convenient solution that supports mobility, where users can access their materials and resources from any endpoint device. The desktop can be delivered to each device as if it were an integral part of the device, making our teaching more efficient . The Geetoo Cloud Desktop solution allows our department to be scalable and flexible, costs are based on actual need and usage, and network expansion takes just minutes. It also makes it easier to plan for actual costs, which we have continuous visibility of and can better optimize our overall IT costs. The real advantage is also the fact that we as a group are ready to react very quickly to new acquisitions and deploy everything very easily within a few hours.” 

Michael Horowitz
Digital & Data Director, EDUA Group


Because VDI reduces the amount of administration to a minimum, the IT department can focus on more important tasks and deliver more value to the company overall. Geetoo Cloud Desktops can be accessed through an installed client or web interface via any endpoint. The advantage is that there is no need to install additional modules or flash support.

Customer Profile

EDUA Group is the largest educational private group in the Czech Republic. It includes language and education institutions focused on lifelong learning and the development of innovation in education – Caledonian School, Digiskills, James Cook Languages, Jipka, Top Vision and Tutor. The EDUA Group was founded in 2010, but the individual institutions have a much longer history. For example, the Caledonian School was founded in 1992. EDUA Group brings together an international team of more than 2000 lecturers from the Czech Republic and various parts of the world. Every single teacher is important to the educational group, and therefore EDUA Group’s priority is to create a working environment that supports the professional development of each of them and focuses on the most modern learning environment and accessibility of learning resources for each of its lecturers and students. Every year, the EDUA Group has more than 30,000 satisfied participants, lecturers of more than 50 nationalities and up to 470 courses per day in more than 100 locations.

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