We are building a robust infrastructure for the MyAirBridge cloud service

Industries Data sharing, storage and transfer
Products We supply HW, consultation, support
Technology HPE, DELL

A large volume of data requires a robust, scalable infrastructure and lightning-fast connectivity. These were the challenges we had to address together with the company Quantcom – a connectivity provider.

MyAirBridge is a global cloud-based online data transfer and sharing service. The service is aimed at linking the direct transfer and data sharing platforms into a single functional unit, including collaboration between the two platforms. All this in a clean design with clear controls and no unnecessary extra features. The interface is designed to resemble an operating system environment, including keyboard shortcuts or simple drag and drop data movement. Major clients include renowned film festivals and streaming giants such as NETFLIX and music platform Spotify.

“MyAirBridge has been designed from the outset with an emphasis on cloud architecture that enables flexible scaling and cost optimization. The only limitation in a given location is the size of the datacenter.” 

Milan Dostál
CEO MyAirBridge

When looking for a reliable cloud partner, the management of MyAirBridge relied on the recommendation of Quantcom, a company that provides internet connectivity, and thus approached Geetoo. 

“Geetoo was recommended to us by Quantcom, our internet connectivity provider. We use a range of services here. These include hardware consultation and recommendations on which hardware will be optimal for us, through to purchasing, monitoring and support in running the service itself. Including consulting on problems regarding optimal network settings and the like,” adds Milan Dostál

Our solution

Expertise and know-how 

One of the key elements that makes Geetoo stand out is our team of experts with deep insight into hardware and networking. This expertise has been indispensable to MyAirBridge. This enables us to meet the demanding SLA conditions. We plan the necessary service interventions in advance to ensure the least possible impact on customers.

“Geetoo has quality people at its core who know the issues in detail and with regard to the experience they have gained. That is, their expertise and shared know-how helps us solve any HW and network problem. This sets them apart from standard cloud providers. While they will know what is written in the documentation, they will not know the essential details that are important for a quick and successful resolution of the problem. This is the detail we appreciate most at Geetoo.”

Milan Dostál
CEO MyAirBridge

Monitoring and Czech support 24/7

It is essential for MyAirBridge to maintain a continuous service availability mode. Geetoo’s 24/7 monitoring ensures that any potential problems are quickly detected. A proactive approach allows corrective action to be taken before problems can escalate and affect the user experience.

High-end connectivity

Quantcom delivers top-notch connectivity at a professional level. “We are addressing connectivity as well as cloud services with the best partner in the market. This is Quantcom, a company that provides top-notch connectivity at a professional level. By providing connectivity to countries around the Czech Republic, it is also important for us to have a direct link to a foreign Internet node, which Quantcom fulfils,” Milan Dostál.

As we proceed

Solutions for future growth 

With the increasing volume of data, which is associated with, among other things, increasingly high quality output from photo/​video devices, services such as MyAirBridge must be able to respond proactively to this situation.

“Due to the dynamic growth of data, we also need to scale flexibly and respond to the current needs of our service. Both with regard to infrastructure and complete storage and connectivity. We are actively adapting to every situation and growth, by purchasing new hardware and storage. Within the policy of purchasing HW from vendors and planning, this is often not easy. However, Geetoo is able to cope with this and adapt everything to our needs.” 

Milan Dostál
CEO MyAirBridge

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