Global vs. local cloud: we helped Intelligent Studios with an optimal cloud strategy

Industry Application development, ERP systems, data analysis
Solutions Geetoo Cloud Compute
Technology VMware Cloud Director

In a time when the cloud was transitioning from a mere buzzword to a new technological standard, the digital transformation for Intelligent Studios began. Opting for a solution from a major player (hyperscaler) seemed like the right path. Expectations were clear: improved stability, automation, and easy scalability of performance. However, it turned out that the services of these global companies had their challenges. 

Who are Intelligent Studios

Intelligent Studios is a development company primarily operating in the Czech market. It focuses on implementing ERP systems, application development, and custom development. Its main products include the XEELO workflow platform for process optimization and the Integray platform, a hot new solution facilitating data integration and analysis. The main clients of Intelligent Studios are large companies operating in the Czech Republic. 

As for references, I would mention Mountfield, where we have integrated the entire scope of our products. From MS Dynamics, through Xeelo and Integray, to custom development. 

Tomas Belák
Chief of Design v Intelligent Studios

Hyperscale solution didn’t work

Global cloud providers do not offer infrastructure as such, but rather selected services. Another major problem was communication with technical support and last but not least the variable nature of the parameters of the chosen service. 

Hyperscale-type solutions did not suit us, mainly due to complex configuration and poor responsiveness, especially regarding resource addition. There were issues with performance, settings, and general capabilities within that cloud. The provider often lacks clear performance conditions. This means that the service parameters could change during a given month or year: the price remained the same, but the parameters were lower. 

Filip Urban
Software architect

Migration to Geetoo

Complications escalated, and it became evident that hyperscale was not the right path. One of the final straws was the less robust database solution, which became apparent during the project for Mountfield. Coincidentally, this is where Geetoo caught the attention of Intelligent Studios. 

We learned about Geetoo during one project, specifically with Mountfield, where we were dealing with a significant database issue. Here, we received a recommendation for Geetoo and its services. We approached several companies in the Czech market, and Geetoo’s offer stood out as the most compelling in terms of price, service quality, and, most importantly, customer approach. 

Tomas Belák
Chief of Design v Intelligent Studios

Our solution

We ensured a smooth migration and designed a flexible solution that helps Intelligent Studios grow. From the original few servers, the infrastructure has significantly expanded. It now consists of several dozen virtual machines and network elements, all integral to their operations. Everything is set up so that, if necessary, we can add new resources within a few hours. We are proud that during our collaboration, we have not encountered any technical issues. Our support, monitoring the entire architecture, is primarily used for resource scaling. 

Tomáš Belák (right) and Filip Urban from Intelligent Studios 

“We need to add computing resources, and I often find this out during the night hours. I turn to Geetoo and within a few hours, I receive a reply that the resources have been added and we are able to function.” 

Filip Urban
Software architect


Worry-free infrastructure

The customer focuses on developing their business, leaving the worries about the driving technologies to us. When there’s a need to deliver performance or an unexpected situation arises, we are always ready to respond. 

“For me, Geetoo is one of those suppliers where we purchase a service, and essentially, we don’t even notice the provider. I don’t have to make excuses to colleagues/​​clients that the service isn’t working. That hasn’t happened to us yet. I would certainly recommend Geetoo, mainly because it’s a Czech company. When I need support, I get it. There’s no automated system or chatbot dealing with my problem. For us, it was definitely a good choice and a clear partner for our future growth.” 

Tomas Belák

Future projects

The company Intelligent Studios specializes in application development. For this reason, they are currently testing our new orchestration solution, allowing the client to manage Kubernetes clusters independently. 

Seeking a technological edge?

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