Autobond Group: we have helped successful car dealerships become firmly anchored in the cloud

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Autobond Group quickly realized that cloud technology would become a fundamental pillar of corporate IT. They began their digital transformation journey with Geetoo Technology. This route then led through a competing provider, but there were significant complications. Therefore, the company’s technical leadership decided to return to the proven services of Geetoo.

Introduction of Autobond Group

Autobond Group a. s. is a leading multi-brand dealer and full service provider with 17 years of market experience. With our portfolio of brands such as Toyota, KIA, Suzuki, and Lexus, we target both general residential customers and fleet clients. We currently have 9 locations in the Czech Republic,” says Jan Kolář, Head of Development and IT Strategy. 

Geetoo is a professional and reliable supplier that provides the highest level of service.

Jan Kolar
IT manager, Autobond Group a. s. 

Digital transformation

The driving force behind the shift to cloud computing was the deployment of a new CRM system, for which the hardware demands were initially unclear. Autobond sought to avoid the complexities of investing in conventional hardware infrastructure. Consequently, the cloud emerged as the natural selection, offering the advantage of easily scalable performance. This decision also addressed the challenges associated with frequent hardware updates, as well as security and monitoring concerns. 

Problems with competitors and return to Geetoo

“Since moving to a competitor, we have expected help with data migration. Subsequently, 100% failure-free environment. Alternatively, professional and technical assistance should any problems arise,” says Jan Kolář.

Complications already appeared during the migration transition, which was the first indication that something was wrong. There were also several outages during the year and technical support did not always work as specified in the terms and conditions. There have also been issues with VPN tunnel permeability. Thanks to the lack of cooperation from the contractor, the problems could not be eliminated even after a year. 

Return to Geetoo

Dissatisfaction with the cloud provider led to a search for a more stable alternative. There were two offers on the table that were similar both technologically and price-wise. One corporate and one from Geetoo Technology. Thanks to previous good experiences, the one from Geetoo prevailed. 

Jan Kolář, IT manager Autobond Group a. s. 

“We essentially don’t use Geetoo’s support because the whole solution is without any downtime.”

Jan Kolar
CIO, Autobond Group

Seamless migration and reliable operation

The migration was smoothly completed within a single weekend, offering Autobond Group a highly scalable and available environment. Our team of ICT experts diligently oversees the entire infrastructure to maintain peak performance. Additionally, we provide round-the-clock technical support, guaranteeing seamless and continuous operations. 

“We don’t use Geetoo’s support because the whole solution is failover. The only reason we used support was because of performance issues within our system, where the best solution was to increase memory. We contacted Geetoo and within moments the funds were increased and the problem was solved,” adds Jan Kolář.

The future of cooperation

“Autobond Group is planning further expansion in the coming years, both in terms of brands and locations. And thanks to our good experience with Geetoo, we do not expect any complications within the realm IT,” Jan Kolář. 

A reliable partner in the field of modern technologies

If you’re looking for a cloud partner that provides stability, flexibility and security, Geetoo is the right choice. Contact us and let’s find the best solution for your business. 

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