More reliable Notino operations thanks to the move to Geetoo cloud

Industries E‑commerce, Retail
Solutions Geetoo Stack
Technology VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter, Veeam Backup, Replication

Every year, Notino sends something like eighteen million products towards customers. That’s over six million packages a year. One hundred and seventy million visits a year come to the website. During the Christmas period, the number of orders is around seventy thousand per day. That’s roughly one hundred and eighty thousand products.

It is not economical to cover these waves of required power with its own infrastructure and thus hold an oversized reserve that is needed at certain times, while at the same time the company never knows in advance how big the order wave will be. To cover these peaks, Notino decided to use Geetoo Stack to connect its own infrastructure with the cloud and use a hybrid solution.


As Notino wanted to keep its original infrastructure and continue to operate in its on-premise location, it took the opportunity to connect its own hardware with the Geetoo Stack cloud service. Thanks to this, he now has full control over the management of the entire environment and at the same time enjoys all the benefits of the Geetoo cloud, including the Pay As You Go form of consumption (payment only for the actual resources consumed).

“The Geetoo Stack solution has helped us get through the most challenging time of the year and brought us all the benefits of the cloud in an on-premise Pay As You Go environment.” 

Jaroslav Toman
Infrastructure Architect Team Lead, Notino, s.r.o.


  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • PAYG consumption
  • Cloud in your own datacentre


Geetoo Stack was implemented by Notino in their on-premise environment, with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) for hardware availability and hardware support being on the Geetoo management side. Then Notino does not have to deal with the physical infrastructure and manage it at all. Everything is included in the Geetoo Stack service, which is delivered as an unattended and pre-packaged Appliance. This only needs to be connected via an L2/L3 circuit to the existing infrastructure of the local datacenter.

Thanks to this solution, Notino can better cover the performance required for orders that vary in volume from period to period. By linking the cloud and its own infrastructure, the customer has a hybrid solution that follows the exact performance curve.


In this case, capex costs are reduced and replaced by opex costs, i.e. one-off purchases of oversized capacity are replaced by monthly payments for consumed resources. In this way, Notino has adapted its IT to the real needs of the business and the excess power is not lying idle. 

Customer Profile

Notino, s.r.o. was born in 2004 in Brno with the purpose of selling perfumes in the form of an e‑shop. Thanks to a great policy and customer orientation, the company has undergone several changes and has become the largest online retailer of perfumes and cosmetics in Europe. Today, Notino operates in 22 European countries and the USA and is still growing.

Thanks to approximately 4 million satisfied customers, the company regularly receives quality awards in the ShopRoku survey of the price comparison site Heureka.Prompted by the huge interest of customers in the products offered, Notino took the second path, i.e. the establishment of brick-and-mortar stores, of which there are now several dozen and more are opening due to their great success.

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