The cloud is on your side

Buzzword, which I originally saw as synonymous with media storage, is now driving new technologies. The cloud is used by 90% of companies in the West. However, in our country the percentage is noticeably lower. Don’t let the competition get away. The perfect time to jump into the cloud is NOW.

The pitfalls of custom hardware

Just as Netflix has slowly replaced the need to have a collection of Blu-ray discs at home, the cloud is displacing its own “on-premise” hardware. Your business grows over time and the iron ages. Having “those boxes” at home/​company is a nice feeling, but it costs money to buy new equipment and maintain it.

Hardware is purchased for a horizon of five years and its capacity needs to be planned very carefully. However, the growth of the company may not follow the tentative plan. Therefore, the infrastructure may not be sufficient or the company may not be able to make use of it in the first years. Owning your own HW comes with additional costs: salary of your own IT team, power, cooling and security.

At Geetoo, we often see the view that customers want their infrastructure and data “in plain sight”. That’s a sure thing, isn’t it? It’s more like having a gas station with a pyrotechnics store. However, sometimes it is not possible to migrate everything to the cloud. An example would be the need to have servers in the company for production management reasons. There is a solution for these cases too.

Diversify your infrastructure

“Do you want to move to the cloud, but complex structural challenges prevent you from doing so? Analyse your infrastructure. Move what’s not critical to running in an on-premise environment to the cloud. Diversify,” says Geetoo infrastructure expert Tomáš Jeníkovský.

The cloud’s nervous system, i.e. hardware infrastructure (servers, storage, switches, interconnection) is located in high-end data centres. At Geetoo we use the most modern centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Getting in there is impossible for an unauthorized person. Even Special Agent Ethan Hunt would have a problem with that. With geographic distribution, you can determine whether your services run from one or more locations.

The same rule automatically applies to all backups, which are always located in a geographically separate location from production. In addition to the security itself, the hardware is protected by redundant elements and backup power. This ensures High Availability (HA) mode.

Modern cloud solutions are flexible. You can use a predetermined amount of computing resources (IaaS) with a given monthly billing, or you can pay as you go in Pay as you go mode. So you always have enough power on hand to scale up. In short, you pay what you actually need at the time.

Your family gold, i.e. your company data, is protected by a firewall and anti-DDoS protection that we have deployed throughout our network. And if it comes to hundred-year water again, modern virtualization offers lightning-fast disaster recovery. In the case of Geetoo, you can also be sure that your entire architecture is monitored by certified experts. Helpful support is also available in Czech language, 24/7.

Don’t be afraid of the cloud. It’s entirely on your side. It brings businesses unlimited performance, significant cost savings, scalability, fast access to data from anywhere and bulletproof security. In short, it relieves you of all IT worries about the underlying infrastructure so you can concentrate on what’s most important – growing your business.

01. 03. 2023