More reliable operation of the Czech Mint thanks to the move to the Geetoo cloud

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The Czech Mint, in addition to its brick-and-mortar shops in Prague, Brno and Jablonec nad Nisou, has been operating its own e‑shop since 2010. In recent years, as the popularity of online shopping has grown, so have the demands on its reliability and availability. 

About the client

The business of the Czech Mint is based on the minting of coins and medals from pure metals; the basis is production. It issues an issuance plan that says it issues different coins or medals at different times and always in limited numbers. Some issues are in great demand and often thousands of interested buyers are waiting for information from the Czech Mint about the start of sales. Server or ordering system malfunctioning at the moment the sale starts is unacceptable, it would reflect in customer satisfaction. Availability is key.


It was clear that change had to happen. The main decision was whether to invest in new in-house hardware with higher capacity and better security, which would not only mean an initial higher investment, but would still mean providing our own management. When managing your own IT, you need to ensure any weekend outages, make trips to the site, find out the cause, contact the supplier who needs time to resolve. All these delays work against customer service and the Czech Mint did not want to risk that. Security was also an equally important motivation. The Geetoo data centre meets ISO 27000 and other standards that require a high level of security, and for the Czech Mint, security was one of the criteria that played a major role in the decision. In general, moving to the cloud became the only acceptable solution after considering all aspects.

“We were very pleasantly surprised by the superior technical knowledge of the Geetoo sales representatives, all technical questions were solved on the spot, which definitely made the business negotiations easier and faster.”

Michal Pernikl
IT Manager, Czech Mint


  • Reliability
  • Availability & flexibility
  • Reliable operation

Our solution

As we proceeded

With the decision on the solution came another question – where to find a reliable partner to provide the service. Company representatives began attending various conferences and presentations; one of them featured Geetoo’s CEO and his presentation was the most credible. Another criterion was the size and background of the company. The Czech Mint wanted a provider that has been on the market for some time and has experience. Geetoo became the preferred partner, which in subsequent negotiations demonstrated expertise, flexibility and a desire to meet the client’s requirements to the maximum extent possible, unlike more well-known providers who offer only packaged solutions. “We were very pleasantly surprised by the above-standard technical knowledge of Geetoo sales representatives, all technical questions were solved on the spot, which definitely made the business negotiations easier and faster,” said Michal Pernikl, IT Manager, Czech Mint.

Using the Geetoo private cloud

After evaluating the needs of the Czech Mint, the cloud operator Geetoo proposed moving the ERP, CRM, Exchange server and other related applications to the cloud, which is based on VMware technologies. The implementation itself took a few weeks. The use of the Geetoo private cloud also has a positive impact on the development of the e‑shop, which is currently located in another cloud and is managed directly by the Czech Mint. Its internal IT team can focus more on the continuous development and improvement of the e‑shop thanks to the shift of capacity from server management. Whether it is improving its appearance, controlling it from a mobile phone or launching a new service, the team of the Czech Mint will first test everything in the environment of virtual servers with VMware technology operated in the Geetoo cloud. Of course, the used cloud also offers high flexibility to the customer.

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