The transition to the public cloud solved the problems of the Pension Company of Česká Pojišťovna

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Technology VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, Veeam Backup, Replication

Pension company Česká pojišt’ovna needed to run its web applications for clients. At least once a year there was a request for a larger increase in power. 

This increase was due to correspondence, but mainly to the annual statements that were intended for all clients. The placement of the documents resulted, among other things, in an increased demand on server performance due to the increase in the number of accesses in a relatively short time.


Therefore, the Pension Society considered other options to address these fluctuations in the required capacity of the web portal for users. There were basically three options – to permanently increase the capacity of our own servers, which will not be used for the rest of the year, to further increase the capacity as needed by “renting” it or moving the entire portal to the public cloud. In the end, the choice fell on moving to the public cloud operated by Geetoo on VMware NSX and Veeam technologies.


The pension company finally decided to solve not only the capacity problems, but also the management of the entire web platform by moving it to the public cloud. In 2013, the company launched a tender, in which, among other companies, G2 server participated together with its partner Dial Telecom, a connectivity provider. They eventually won the tender. The pension company has thus moved its environment, which was previously running on Openstack / Hyper‑V, to a public cloud environment operated by G2 server on VMware NSX and Veeam technologies.

“The new solution has given us a 100% guarantee of platform availability for clients, and the work of managing operating systems and licenses has been reduced on our side. We only pay for the capacity used, which has also helped to reduce costs, and we don’t have to worry about running the customer platform at all.”

Štěpán Gaštan
Head of IT Operations Department, Penzijní společnost České pojišt’ovna


  • High flexibility
  • Security
  • Reliability towards the customer

“We delivered the new environment in the form of PaaS. It met all the conditions that the Pension Company had, and the Pension Company’s IT team had past experience with virtualization technology and knew what to expect from the solution.”

Jakub Herink
Sales Director


A user account management platform is now available for the Pension Society in the Geetoo public cloud environment. When a client of Penzijní společnost České pojišt’ovna logs in to the administration via the web interface, he or she accesses data located in the Geetoo data centre. At the same time, data synchronisation between this public cloud and the data stored directly in Penzijní společnost České pojišt’ovna is continuously taking place. Client requests are written online as requests to the backend systems of the PSČP. The collected technical data is sent to the system in the Geetoo data centre.

The main advantages of the new solution are high flexibility, reliability towards the customer and safety. After approximately four years of operation, the platform underwent major modifications to its data backup and archiving in 2017 to further enhance security. The servers are backed up daily, and monthly and annual back-ups are performed. The entire solution is of course fully compliant with GDPR requirements. The security of the stored data was tested by the Pension Company itself in the form of penetration tests.


The move to the public cloud solved the main problems of Penzijní společnost České pojišt’ovna, which were not only flexibility, but also accessibility to the public and thus business continuity, both towards clients and internal employees. The pension company doesn’t have to deal with datacenter management, licenses or other maintenance of the original hardware they owned. The new solution also results in maximum availability for the client (99.99%) and data security that meets the new GDPR requirements.

Customer Profile

Česká pojišt’ovna Pension Company has long been a leader in the private pension savings sector in the Czech Republic. The volume of savings under management at the end of 2017 reached CZK 103 billion. CZK. The company cares for more than 1.1 million clients, a quarter of a million of whom also contribute to their pension through their employer.

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